How many times have you used that one?  Have you had a desire to do something & said “I don’t have time” or have you ever used the whole time thing as an excuse not to do something?  

Either way, the whole “I don’t have time” thing is fact BS (sorry). 

I wanna help you explore this bad boy so much deeper.  I’m going to be taking you through some Holmes Truths around it and some real life ones that will help you to see time so differently.  

Everything That’s On Your Plate Is There Because You Said Yes.  

Ok so hand up who says NO when they mean YES ~ I’m guessing not many!

Let’s swizzle it – hands up who says YES when every morsel of their fibre is screaming NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Are you constantly taking shit on that you don’t want to??

Effectively this is leaving you with less time for the shit you wanna do.

BUT back to the whole YES/NO thing.

No is just a word. It doesn’t need explaining and it doesn’t need justification. It has equal weight and power as yes.

Yes is just a word. It doesn’t need explaining and it doesn’t need justification. It has an equal weight and power as no. Now, I’m guessing you’re not overthinking or stumbling over yourself to explain the YESES like you are the NOs.

Everything that’s on your plate is there because in some way you said yes to it.

Allocate your plate out (perhaps use the 8:8:8 principle – explained below) and see what you can swizzle about.


Written Off Time

Do you write off little chunks of time as useless??

I’m typing this with 10 minutes to go before I need to head out of the door for the school run. I could just piss about on Facebook for 10 minutes and tell myself that I don’t have time to get anything else done OR I could do a couple of little tasks and get them off my list.

I also shared recently in one of my groups that across the whole week I had 5 1/2 hrs to do everything that needed to be done on my business as I had a busy diary BUT that I knew I’d still get them done.

I always see opportunity rather than obstacles.

Are you an opportunity or an obstacles finder as a default setting?

Take Control Of Your Diary 

📔 take control of your of your diary 📔

Know how you work best! Are you 1️⃣ the kinda girl who expands a task to fit every single second of time possible? OR 2️⃣ do you allocate time to tasks, get panicky and stressy about not completing them and then beat yourself up for a lack of productivity.

If you are a 1️⃣ then allocating a space in your diary to a task may well be super motivating to get stuff done and it’ll give you a goal to work towards.

If you’re a 2️⃣ then be generous in the time you allocate to tasks, give yourself buffer time. If you complete the task sooner then you can move on to something else OR grab a brew and a little break.

Work with yourself rather than against yourself.

You can also get your hands on the “How To Work Flexibly Pack” ~ shout up if you wanna get hold of it…

The 8-8-8 Principle 

😱😱 How The Fuck Do You Have Time 😱😱

How do you have time?

How do you fit it all in?

There’s simply not enough hours in the day 😫😫

We all run on the same time frequency throughout the day – yup, 24 hours in a day, we should sleep for around 8 of them leaving 16 hours to play with.

It’s amazing how much you can get done in 16 hours.

Let me introduce you to the power of 8 – 8 hours sleep + 8 hours work + 8 hours play = YAY!!!!! Doesn’t it feel incredible popped like that???? So, right now where’s all the time going? Where can you do a little reclaim??

Time will not come and find you 🤨 time will not make itself available. 😖 time will not simply show up. You’ve got to carve out time for the things that are important to you, you’ve got to schedule the time out of your diary for the shit that matters – YOU control your diary, don’t be a knob with it.

Decide on how you want to spend your time, schedule in the stuff that matters most and say NO to stuff that isn’t important to you.

Reclaim, redistribute and work in your bliss.

Here’s a little live video I did about the principle..


I’m going to explain the #rockstar15 principle in terms of perhaps a job you’ve been putting off.  Let’s take a freebie as an example…

🙄 I need a new freebie 🙄

Jeez, that bad boy = OVERWHELM.

That’s a BIG job!

I’ll just leave that one at the bottom of the pile!

Nope, 🙈 not anymore. I want you to think about implementing #rockstar15 to this bad boy instead.

Rockstar 15 is all about the concept that if you either give things you’re ignoring 15 mins per day then over the year that’s 91.25 hrs across the year OR if you break tasks down into 15 min chunks they suddenly become much more achievable.

So, let’s talk about the #rockstar15 for getting that new freebie sorted;

➡️ Brainstorm ideas for free resource ~ free flow and just let all the ideas out of your head out onto paper without overthinking them, getting all judgemental on their ass or talking yourself out of them.

➡️ Take 15 minutes to decide which one you’re drawn to, which one lights you up, which one sets your soul on fire. NOTES TO REMEMBER HERE ~ a decision not to make a decision is a decision to stay stuck. Also, by saying YES to one idea DOES NOT mean you are saying no to the other ideas (you’re simply saying not now). AND the one that excites you most will be the one you’re most inclined to talk about (market) and share with your audience.

➡️ Spend 15 minutes making more notes about what that freebie should/could include.

➡️ Will it be written/audio/video?? MAKE A DECISION (you can always add other elements to it too).

➡️ If it’s written then break it down into chapters or points and you can then write 1 per 15 minute block. You can then either outsource making it pretty or again break that down into 15 minute chunks in Canva. If it’s going to be recorded then allocate some time in your diary to get that done.

➡️ Set up a list in your email management software.

➡️ Write an auto responder to go on that list

➡️ Write the blurb you’ll use on the sign up page on your website/social media.

➡️ Decide on the imagery that you might use on the sign up page and within the marketing

➡️ Set up the sign up form you’ll use on your website/social media – adding the blurb & sign up form and imagery

➡️ Test the systems work and that the sign up form delivers the free resource and auto responder as expected.

You DON’T need to look at this list in it’s entirety. Save the post (the three little dots on the top right) and simply take one element at a time.

I hope you’ve found that a super useful look at time.  I’d love to know, dive into the comments and lets chat! 

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