I wanna hold my hand up and make a bit of an admission – I do not identify myself as a coach. I have been stumbling over this one for a LONG time now.

I’m not a fucking coach

I don’t ever refer to myself as a coach and I have massive resistance to using that terminology to define myself.

I think that the word coach comes with massive preconceptions.  I have spoken with people before who have believed that working with a coach isn’t for them because they will be simply asked questions and will work out the answers for themselves and therefore they are simply paying for someone to be a quiz master in their business.  I also know that lots of people think that working with a coach means that you are told what to do and that you become the puppet in your business with your coach heading up the role as chief puppeteer.  I simply don’t fall into either of those camps.

My work is a fusion business development & strategy, self awareness and mindset bolstering and spiritual principles.

Yes, I ask questions and help you to explore what comes up for you.  Yes, I will give you action steps and help you to see a clear path.  I hold a light up to you, to your business and to the road ahead.  I do this whilst holding a safe space for you to explore your individuality within your business and craft bespoke messages and strategies that will work for you & your crowd.

I am a massive advocate of being yourself in business and stripping away the filters that we put in our way.

I work, intuitively, with people at their own pace.

I un-pretzel people and straighten them out when they have tied themselves up in knots.

I will kick your ass and I will give you a big squishy hug – all depends on what you need.

My approach is beyond basic.  I help people to really get to the nitty gritty of what their business is all about, what it actually means and how they can project that out into the world like a great big awesome supernova light.

I am not one for us labelling ourselves and have previously written a blog about ditching the labels and whilst I haven’t used the label it’s still loitered around me.

So I don’t identify myself as being a coach and I have no desire to stick any alternative label on there.

My business isn’t about my story but in a perverse way it’s laced with it – it’s not about me but all about what I can/should share with the world.  The message and the teachings that I want to share with heart centred and soulful entrepreneurs.  The tools that you need to build a legendary business and move beyond ordinary. It’s about helping you fast track through the shit and into the sunshine.

The big thing with business development is that you MUST be willing to dance with your shadow AND please know that we all have one – no matter what stage of business we currently occupy.

It’s not just a one time only dance either as you’ll have to dance with her regularly and you’ll have to keep bringing her forth into the light, whilst listening to what she says and learning from her deep and meaningful lessons.

She is you and you are her.

You can only shine as brightly or as long as you are prepared to keep her dancing in the light. She will communicate with you through your thoughts and she impacts on your actions. She sometimes wants you to stay safe and sometimes she wants you to just go “ah fuck it” let’s see what happens. She knows the truth but she also tells lies. She’s to be observed and ignored and courted and entertained. She’s not to be ignored but sometimes you aren’t to give her the time of day. Your willingness to dance will translate into your willingness to be, do and have more. It will be the crux on which you embrace your truth and your message. Your light and your dark make you who you are. Your journey fills in the gaps.

Whilst ready to look at those shadows and examine the things that hold us back I want you to reframe them and become solutions focused.  Energy going into the shadow only makes the shadow larger – it’s time to step into the sunshine.

Business development is about more than strategy. It’s about more than funnels, ROI, marketing metric and budgets. It’s about being able to bring yourself and therefore your business into a new place. A place of truth and empowerment. A place of doing what it takes but not burning out. A place where you say what you are here to say and stop shying away from your truth. Embrace it, love it, wrestle with it, hissy fit with it and love it deeply – it’s real, raw and nothing more

I’m not telling you all this because I am seeking to simply tell you why I don’t define myself as a coach but more the reason why I need to evolve my business to the next place.

Whilst this shit remains unsaid I am not speaking my truth.

I will never ask you to do stuff that I am not prepared to do myself so I took my own course, I introspected and this is what came out of it.

It’s time to move away from the word Coach and variations therefore.

I don’t take this decision lightly because my business name includes the word Coach (Coaching Rockstars) or should I say it did.

We embraced the new with Rebels and Rockstars.  Nothing else changed but I was free from the resistance that I felt around the word and able to share my message with ease.  Resistance keeps us stuck and if you take nothing more from this article take the fact that you need to examine the stuff that keeps you stuck.

I am not here to knock Coaches or Coaching but simply say that it’s not for me and I don’t identify myself with those words. This post isn’t in any way discrediting the industry of coaching nor is it here to make you wobble about being a “coach.”  I am totally open – if you totally love being a coach and coaching and that’s what runs through your veins then that’s absolutely epic! I am here to support you to grow and develop that business.  I’m merely making the admission that that word/label (whatever you want to call it) doesn’t fit right with me.

My business is all about helping you to achieve the next level in your business, it’s beyond the basics (but we do make sure you have those firm foundations too), it’s beyond ordinary (in fact it’s about you creating something extraordinary). It’s soulful, it’s nourishing, it enhances your mood, fills your cup and helps you ignite that fire in your belly. There are no rules and no labels.  There are no secrets.  You can be whoever you are because this is about creating a business with your own rules, made by you, broken by you (if you want to).  I don’t do cookie cutter advice and one size doesn’t fit all.

Inspiring | Motivating | Empowering | Strategy | Self Awareness | Biz Awareness | Fulfil Your Potential

My work is about creating a ripple – if I can help you and you can go on change your world, what the world looks like for your family/friends/acquaintances and how you show up in the world AND you then go on to help more people then we have achieved the beginnings of one AMAZING ripple!

Thank you for listening!

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