I know that this is one that might hit hard in some places but I kinda got to say it.

There’s a whole load of excuses and a little blame game & we can accidentally fall into it very easily.

👎 I don’t have time

👎 I don’t know how to

👎 I CAN’T do that

👎 Facebook are limiting my reach

👎 That guru said that there was only one way of doing that thing

👎 I am not ready

👎 I am not capable

👎 When x happens I will be able to do y

👎 I will get it on the list and get round to it

Resistance is everywhere & we can encounter it at absolutely every juncture in our business BUT it’s up to use to decide whether we get stuck in that resistance OR NOT.

I’m not coming down from the mountains here with everything figured out. Every day I am looking at what I CAN do in order to serve my community and be able to help & support my Rockstars. It’s never a stagnant strategy and it’s never a done deal. It’s always evolving and changing.

You have to be prepared to do things you’ve not done before.

You have to be able to change things up.

You need to keep working on progression and not get caught in perfection.

We live in a world of constant evolution, social media constantly evolves, the way we use the internet evolves all of the time. It’s time to stop trying to do the same old, same old. It’s time to stop getting caught in our own heads and it’s time to embrace some changes.

Yes, Social Media is a constant evolution and, if I’m really frank about it, it’s a business – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is a business and the owners and developers of that business will continue to develop their own business interests whilst keeping in mind their customers and consumers. You can bitch and gripe about the changes, you can post things that say “oh Facebook is limiting my reach, please like this post if you can see it” OR you can look at ways that it CAN work for you.

You are here to follow your mission and share your message. External factors will come into play as to how you do that and the methods of delivery BUT you need to drive that from YOU and from YOUR HEART. Without driving your business, you sit in the passenger seat – when you sit in the passenger seat you can try to nag your way to where you want to go but you don’t ultimately have control of the direction.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TODAY to support your crowd, to serve the pants off your community and to shine that light on the thing you do?

WHAT ARE YOU PUTTING OFF because it makes your bum cheeks clench a little? Chances are you need to do that thing.

WHERE ARE YOU PLAYING SMALL in order to keep safe and to protect yourself or not offend anyone. Playing small and hiding only hurts you and steals from your crowd.

🌟 Make an impact

🌟 Do that thing

🌟 Share unconditionally

🌟 Sit back in the driving seat of your business

🌟 Align with what you CAN do and stop focusing on the reasons that you can’t. I know that whatever you want to do, if you are passionate and driven enough you will find a way to do it, no matter what.

I want you to be all that you are here to be