“Ack, what’s the point?!?”

I’ve heard is a gazillion times.

It’s heavy and it’s sad.

It’s that feeling that someone has been swimming against the tide for far too long.  They’ve been battle against the current and if we are totally honest they are absolutely exhausted.  There’s spurts of work and enthusiasm that are then followed by frustration & a deep feeling of defeat.

I could write this blog and simply say ~ “hey, lovely ~ you’re making it harder than it needs to be” BUT that kinda one liner isn’t going to take you any further forwards.  Perhaps it might leave you even more frustrated.  You might start to think that I don’t get it and I don’t know what it’s like for YOU.  Well, yeah, I don’t know what it’s totally like for you.  I’m writing this article and stacks of people will read it.  You’ll all have your own individual circumstances and situations and stuff that has/will get in your way.  BUT, I’m NEVER coming down from the mountain and preaching.

I’ve been through shit that’s given me all manner of insights into mindset, sticking points and shit that gets in your way.  I’ve not only been through but I’ve also supported others through it.

I recall, clearly, a “what’s the fucking point” moment.  It was in the house we previously lived in.  I was working hard.  I’d left my well paid corporate job as a family lawyer and I’d set off on a journey into entrepreneurship.  I thought that I had a good foundation to make everything work and I thought I had a support system in place that would allow me to achieve a successful outcome.  I had jumped in with both feet and I was willing to do “what it takes.”  I suppose, in hindsight, I was quite lucky that I wasn’t exposed to the whole “hustle hard” message that seems common place now as it may have left me completely burnt out.

I know that, looking back, I was riding the wave of burn out as it was.

Anyhaps, I was working every single evening, often much later than bedtime.

I was sat at my computer, in the corner of our dining room (which doubled as my office area) and I remember thinking ~ I have no fucking idea what else to do?  I don’t know which way to turn and what to do.  WHAT’S THE FUCKING POINT?! I’m making NO money, I’m exhausted and I’m simply not a pleasure to be around.

That point was pivotal.

It was pivotal to some of the biggest lessons I learned in business EVER and to some of the advice that I now give.  I’ve been in that hole and I know the way out.  I know the way out from my own circumstances and I’ve also navigated the path for some gorgeous Rockstars too.

So, I totally do get it.

Now it’s time for an assessment to see what to do about it.   It’s time to get truly honest with yourself here.  You’re more than welcome to reach out in the comments and talk it through OR hit me an email OR keep your answers and musings to yourself.  This is about WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU.

So here goes,


Step Back & Access

Are you doing what you love right now?  Now that may seem quite a flippant question but I know that for many people the thing that they love the most get’s lost in the whole ~ what I should be doing.

I have worked with stacks of successful entrepreneurs who fall foul to this one too so you’re not alone.

When things feel like they are closing in that’s when we can end up going through the motions.

Read this one on loving your business if you feel that you might just have lost that love spark….

Un-Complicate It 

As humans we are naturally inclined to make everything super complicated.  It’s like we have this inbuilt system that falls into “fatal error zone” if anything seems too easy.


Keep things simple.  Go back to what is important in your business and do more of that.

The process of making things too complicated means that every job becomes a big job.  You start to resent the tasks you have to complete within your business and when everything feels like hard work then that’s energetically draining.

It’s time for a re-set.

✔️ Where can you streamline?

✔️Where can you automate without loosing the personal touch?

✔️ Where can you schedule stuff in advance?

Stop Being A Slave To Social 

I know that lots of people who experience the whole “what’s the point” thang have become an absolute slave to their social media.  I am all for you serving the pants off your crowd, in fact that’s absolutely required BUT not at the detriment of yourself.  If you feel like you’re going through the motions then STOP ⛔️ YUP, it’s gotta be a bit of a ripping off of the plaster.  You might just need to step away a little bit.

You may actually be de-valuing your work if you are ever present on your social media.

Now, let’s look at this one as it feels quite impactful.

Lots of people jumped on the bandwagon of bringing together Facebook Groups when Facebook changed their algorithm recently.  Even if you didn’t you may have become even more present on your page in an effort to be seen despite the changes in reach.  It’s normal.  Reach changes, businesses panic (that’s because a lot of people tell you that you need to panic ~ you don’t BUT that’s the topic of a whole different article).

People expect to be able to get hold of you.

You give everything to them in every DM, on every comment or within every video.  I get it, that’s service ~ right?!?  Well, there’s a fine balance to be had here ~ if you’re answering every one of my questions and giving me constant support without be being your customer then why would I need to make a financial investment in you.

PLUS, if you give everything, always, for free then how does that make your customers feel?!

It’s a balance.

YES, I want you to serve and support your audience but I also want you to draw distinctions between audience & customers.  Why not get your journal out and write down where the difference lies and give yourself a little guidance on each?

Be present | Do your thing | Always think about balance

Under Charging, Over Working 

What’s the point?

I can’t make enough money to keep going?

I had a client that once sold card readings on Ebay for £5 per pop.  She was good.  She was inundated.  She become a busy fool.  She was working far too hard for far too little money.

Pricing & charging brings up all sorts of self worth issues and lots of other (what we thought were) dormant doubts & perhaps even a smattering of excuses as to why we need to be “cheap” or do this work for this price.

Here’s a little article to help you a little more on pricing…..

If you feel that your business isn’t worth the effort that you’re putting in right now then you really MUST reconsider your pricing.  You can’t afford not to.


Why do you do what you do?

When asked that question lots of people roll into the whole ~ so that I can experience freedom or I do this for my family, they are my why.  BUT, you could do lots of things for freedom or your family.  That’s not your motivator to do THIS.

So, I want you to really tell me why you do THIS.

I do this because I can’t not.  I do this because it’s massively important to me to support an easier passage to fulfilment of your potential.  I do this because I know what you’re capable of and I don’t want YOU getting in the way of that.  I do this because it lights a fire in my belly.  I do this because I want you to achieve all you’ve ever dreamed of AND SOME.  I do this because it’s important.  Even typing this, I’m typing a little faster and there’s more force put into every key that’s tapped.  It means so much to me.

Get back to why you do what you do.

Do What You Love 

So enough all ready with the whole BUSY thang.  I find that actually when we are stuck in this busyness and anxious action what we are actually doing is shit that isn’t important.  Take a couple of days out ~ nothing’s spoiling for the sake of a couple of days and re-assess where you’re spending your time.

❓ What are you spending your time on?

✔️ What would you like to be spending your time on?

I teach a focused but fluid way of working and making sure that you ditch the stuff that’s heavy.  You can’t move forwards whilst you’re trying to tow absolutely everything with you.

One thing on your plate = another thing off your plate.

I know that if you’re not at the stage of being able to outsource tasks then you’ll be doing everything.  I have been there.  BUT, make sure you are focusing on the action that brings you joy & progress.  Yup, we all have to do stuff in our businesses that don’t touch the love zone but they should be the minority and not the majority of tasks.

It might simply be changing the way you do things.  I know lots of people who are massively creative yet the minute it comes to working on their business they suddenly box off that creativity.  Bring it with you into your business and do things more creatively.

If something is niggling at you because you’re not doing it then that needs addressing too.  Are you going to decide that actually it doesn’t need to be done and ditch it guilt free?  Are you going to look at whether there’s a version of doing it that sits more comfortably?  An example of this is that one of my gorgeous Rockstars doesn’t particular love face to camera solo videos.  She feels she doesn’t quite get her point across ~ the answer? She can do stacks of “how to” videos and sprinkle in video interviews so that her face to camera stuff is still there but doesn’t need to be solo.

When you love & enjoy what you do then that’s tangible.

Consider Your Cheerleading Squad

It can sometimes feel super lonely working by yourself.  It can be easier NOT to get on with the stuff that you love and instead get caught up in the stuff that ain’t important.

I wrote this little article about it….

You don’t have to battle on.

You don’t have to be stuck inside your own head.

It’s a perfect time to re-align, dive into the stuff you love, STOP feeding yourself reasons why you can’t and enjoy what you do again.  Taking action will create momentum.

If you feel you’d like some help & support to do this then you gotta check this out….

You Never Need Navigate Alone!

The Supernova Growth Capsule is designed to bring a whole stack of awesome to entrepreneurs who are ready to make progressive.  It’s supportive, reactive, provocative and potent.  It’s not designed like your average members club.  I could go on but you’re going to be more open to someone else giving you the heads up on that one…

 It’s so so so different from any other membership and group. It’s ALL about the support for YOUR business. Love it, Kat Reynolds ~ The Business Beautician 

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