Recycling is good ♻️We’ve been hearing this message for over a decade now BUT it’s so often not brought into the business enviroment.

You might feel at times that your business feels incredibly content hungry.  Like you are in a constant creation mode in order to feed the demands of social media, your email list, your blog and the other ways that you need to communicate and connect with your customers and audience.

It can feel like a never ending task.

You can feel like you are going to run out of ideas 💡

Let’s get some things straight to start with ~ time for some little epiphanies (or confirmations)..

➡️ You don’t need to create new ALL the time

➡️ Not everyone sees everything you put out there

➡️ Everyone only has so many subjects they can talk about (but every subject has a gazillion ways you can talk about it)

➡️ People often need to hear a message more than once in order to take it in/understand it/have their epiphany on it

We are often so close to our own businesses that the big picture becomes a little difficult to see.

Now, this blog isn’t giving you permission to never create new content BUT I want you to also be getting the most of the content that you have got and not feel like you are constantly scrambling and scratching for new content to use in your business.  Let’s jump in;

5 Ways To Recycle Your Content But Still Keep It Fresh

How Many Ways 

Look at what you’ve already got ~ how many ways can you use that content that’s already in the page.

♻️ look at your website and your blogs ~ each blog can be turned into a native post on other platforms.  You don’t just need to link off your social media to your blog but you could copy and paste the blog to make a brand new Facebook post (with or without an image), it can become an article on Linkedin Pulse, you can take little snippets out of the article to become tweets.  You can take a quote from the blog and turn it important an image to use on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.  You can also put your blogs on external blogging sites.  You can submit that article as a guest post (with a couple of little tweaks to make it make sense for someone else’s platform) or to places like the Huff Post, Medium etc.

♻️ Take any lengthy Facebook posts you’ve already posted and turn them into blogs

♻️ Take videos you’ve recorded for Facebook and move them on to YouTube or videos you’ve got on YouTube and upload them to Facebook.

♻️ Take the topics you’ve already written about and consider recording a video on them.

♻️Take the topics you’ve recorded videos on and either get them transcribed or write an article about the same subject.

Re-Share Old Stuff

I bet you have some goldies but oldies hanging around.

♻️ Writing a blog and giving it the light of day only once isn’t going to allow you to get the best from your content.  Re-share the articles you’ve already written.

♻️ You can do the same thing with Facebook posts.  If you go into your publishing tools, published posts ~ you will find a little search box at the top and you can type in a keyword and it’ll bring up all your posts with that key word in them.  Use those posts again.

♻️ Images that you have created previously can also be reused.

As soon as you’ve been in business for more than a few weeks you will already have a content library that you can stack to re-use and re-share.  As long as your pieces are timeless then you can get that stuff out there again.

Some platforms don’t like you to re-use content in it’s entirety (i.e. the same post over and over) AND we can look at how to easily change stuff next…

Content With A New Lease Of Life 

Here’s some easy ways to puff a whole new lease of life into old content;

♻️ a new image with that text post

♻️ new text with that image

♻️ new blurb with that blog/link share

♻️new blurb with that video

Little Tweaks

You can re-use the stuff you’ve already created with some little tweaks.

♻️ You might feel that that blog is a little dated and you can easily update it.

♻️ You can add a new intro/outro to your articles to create guest blogs

♻️ You could add a list of points to note at the end of articles

♻️ You can take paragraphs from one piece to create something new

♻️ You can take a picture and add a new caption

♻️You can take a caption and add it to a new picture

Make It Fall Into A Different Category 

Your content can fall into lots of different categories;

Education & Training

Promotion (free or paid for)

Connection & Engagement

Behind The Scenes

Humour/Light Hearted


Inspiration & Motivation

If you have used an idea in one way that doesn’t mean it can’t fall into another category;

♻️ that education post where you’re teaching or explaining something could be coupled with behind the scenes pictures to create a behind the scenes post.

♻️ add a question to the end of that post and ramp it up into an education/connection post.

♻️ take out some of the information you put into a promo post and turn it into an education/training post where you give some hints and tips

I hope that that’s got some ideas flowing for you.  Grab your journal and capture those ideas so that you can make more of your content and get off the constant content creation hamster wheel.

Please do shout up if you have any questions!

If you want some more help & support with your content marketing then you might want to check this out…..

Will you be committing to recycling more content & getting off the constant content hamster wheel?

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