Is your content dullsville?

Are you information heavy on the stuff you’re sharing with your crowd?

Do you feel like your subject is super duper serious?

Do you feel like you have to be uber “professional” when you write for your business?

When I talk about content in your business this is about every way you connect with your crowd & customers.  It includes your social media, your newsletters, your articles and blog posts, your website copy, your leaflets & printed products EVERYTHING.

Content can take different formats too ~ visual, audio, video, written.

You create content in order to connect with your crowd.  SO, every piece of content that you create should be created for YOUR crowd.

This is about YOU connecting with THEM.

It doesn’t matter about people who will never be your client, it doesn’t matter about your friends & family, it doesn’t matter about your peers.  Yup, we don’t wanna get things wrong and we don’t want to be judged BUT the important connection here is YOU and YOUR CROWD.

So, How Do You Make Your Content More Interesting?

Your Voice

I hear people talk about finding their voice so often.

Particularly when we are looking at writing this can cause a HUGE creative block.

You don’t want to be judged.  The grammar police are also a consideration.

For me, I have chosen to accept the voice I already have.  My voice is that thing that comes out of my mouth when I talk, it’s the thoughts I think, it’s the way I am.

Sometimes our voice can get lost between our head and our hands as we start to write.

My BIG tip on this one is that if you feel that as soon as you sit down to write you start overthinking EVERYTHING then start in a slightly different way.  Start by voice recording.  You can do this on your phone or through your computer (I like the programme Audacity for audio recording on my computer).  When you record your voice and speak free about the subject in hand then you will be able see the types of words & phrases you use and you’ll find some absolute gold when you record your thoughts and ideas in this way.

Your work can still be professional and add personality.  Giving a little bit of you in your work and adding some of the additional ideas in here can help you to do that.

Add Real Life Stories

I talk about things that are happening in my life, in my business and in the world generally.  Adding stories into your content makes your content more STICKY (which means that people are more likely to remember it).  When you add stories from your own life & experience it also allows you to supercharge the “know, like & trust” factor with your crowd.  They feel like they get to know you better.

You’ll find that peppered throughout all the blogs on this site are personal and professional experiences that I have encountered.  I talk about the stuff I hear my crowd talking about most often (which allows my crowd to see that I get how they are feeling and what’s coming up for them).

The real life stories definitely add lots of spice to my content ~ more interesting, more memorable, more credible, more connection, deeper clarity.

Let’s look at a different example of this one….

In my corporate life I was a lawyer who specialised in family law.  We always talked in marketing meetings about it being a “distress product” ~ no-one really wants to have to buy your services, people never wanna find themselves in a position that they need a family lawyer because it kinda means that all the shit has hit the fan in the most spectacular style.  Family law had traditionally had a reputation of making money from misery and that it was a profession where lawyers were aggressive and perhaps it would create more conflict than it solved.  I was trained as a specialist collaborative lawyer so that was never my stance on it.  As I was thinking about making content more interesting I thought of this as a fab example of how you could end up writing quite “dry” and “professional” blogs.  How could you make this more interesting?

A blog entitled How To Avoid Your Ex Leaving Fish In The Curtain Pole ~ A Guide To Breaking Up The Friendly Way” could be a perfect example of making it more interesting.  Now, the whole “ex leaving fish in the curtain pole” thang might well capture attention BUT it’s not purely about click baiting people into reading your article.  It’s about adding in a little personality and real life stories.  I could have talked about how divorce can quite quickly become hostile at worse, volatile at best.  It can feel like people are “fighting” for all they can get and that each person has their own version of fairness.  I could talk about the numerous stories I had encountered throughout the years ~ from people getting so consumed about fighting over everything that I’d sent legal correspondence about a toilet brush.  I could then talk about the fact that actually we don’t ever want to get to the point of revengeful acts and whilst I’d hear of quite a number, the one that sticks with me if the fish being left in the curtain poles, unscrew the end of the pole, ram a whole load of fish in there and re-screw the ends ~ you’re going to end up with a fragrant house and it’s not going to be easy to identify the source of the smell.  I could then talk about the fact that there’s another way to do this.  A way that can make the process easier for all involved.

How’s this work?  This ^^^ example is taking some real life experiences and talking about the stuff that this particular reader may well wish to avoid BUT it’s making them think about the consequences of bitter & battle divorce (what can happen) v a collaborative approach.

It puts the topic into a deeper perspective rather than just the information and “professional” approach blog that could be written on this subject.

The Analogy

I bloody love an analogy! I often naturally think in analogies.

One I’ve been talking about a recently is tying a knot in your balloon.

I capture the ideas when they come up as they often come up within conversations.  A quick note in my journal allows me to come back to the idea and work on it later.

I was in a client meeting with a gorgeous Rockstar and we were talking about how lots of people work seek advice, help and support BUT oh so often they are like balloons without a knot in the end.  They float up and zip around like billy-o but before you know it they are flat & deflated.

People need to learn to tie a knot in their balloon to allow themselves to continue with buoyancy.

So I could have talked about people rushing off and running out of steam and explained some ways I have seen that happen in real life or I could talk about the analogy of the balloon ~ the balloon gives a more visual scenario for people to remember.

The Elements

Think about adding different content types together in order to make your message more interesting.  That longer Facebook post may well need a graphic with it.  That video might need some show notes with it, that image might needs some words.

Bring different elements together to make your content more interesting.

Final Thoughts

Often it’s just about slowing down a little to make the best of your ideas.

Make sure you are always capturing your ideas (I love the Rockstar Journal for this)

Make sure you think about how you’d talk about it if you were talking to a member of your crowd in real life.

Think about how you can explain the idea/concept/teaching so that your crowd get more clarity and will remember you & that thang you do.

Wanna read more?  Check out this…

I’d love to know the ways you might ju up your content a bit now….

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