Social Media Algorithms can be extremely frustrating. 

Why can’t people see my Instagram posts? 

Does Instagram show all my posts? 

Why don’t my Facebook followers see my posts? 

How can I get more visibility on Facebook? 

These are all questions that rumble around when we are looking at how to get more followers to see your posts on social media. 

How To Make Sure Your Facebook Followers See Your Posts 

Facebook Doesn’t Show My Posts! 

Probably THE most frustrated cry I hear.  I am so often asked why to even bother with a Facebook Page and so many people find it exasperating that they create amazing quality content and no-one actually gets to see it.  How, there’s a number of factors here; 

We are no longer in the heady days of the majority of people who like our page seeing our posts.  FB got noisy and got busy and the algorithm put pay to that.  We kinda gotta accept it BUT w

  • We don’t have to roll over! There’s things we are do to optimise how many people see what do..
  • Think about the type of content you create, the engagement that you encourage on our pages and…
  • showing our crowd how to follow our page and get notification updates 

Here’s a little graphic to show you how….

You are more than welcome to pinch this graphic to share with your followers or create your own. 

Making Sure People See Your Instagram Posts

Again, you are welcome to use this image ^ or create your own to encourage your crowd. 

I Want My Crowd To See Me On Insta

Yup, we can implement the same thing! We are still thinking about making sure the content that’s going out there is  epic and engaging.  

Here’s a couple of things you need to know; 

  • You want your audience to take action on your posts.  A double tap is the super easy option but you want to encourage less passive engagement than that. 
  • Encourage your crowd to engage in the comments (and talk back to them) 
  • Encourage your crowd to “save” important posts for later using the little bookmark kinda image at the bottom right of the post! 
  • Experiment with both short form and longer form posts too 

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Mind BLOWN!!!

Your Social Media feed is a wealth of information! It can tell you oh so much and I reckon you might just be surprised at a) what Facebook thinks about you and b) how you can use that to think a little deeper about what your crowd are experiencing whilst on the platform.  Take a look! It might just totally blow your mind! 

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