In this Facebook Video I’m sharing with you ONE strategy that got one of my gorgeous Rockstars 100 + more Facebook likes…..

It’s SUCH an easy one to implement.  Pop time aside in your diary on a weekly basis to go through your posts and make sure that all those who have interacted with your content have been invited to like your Facebook Page.  

In order to use this strategy to continue to stimulate the growth of your Facebook page make sure you are regularly sharing content that is designed to engage your crowd and promote them to comment.  This content can be frivolous in nature or it can be about businessey AF kinda things.  You can ask people whether their first brew of the day is tea or coffee, what their favourite cake is, to share a piccie of their current view or their favourite snap from the last week off their camera roll.  The aim of this content is 2 fold – it promotes know, like & trust and humanises you in your business as you can share your input too PLUS it increases engagement (with the Brucie Bonus of making people feel safe to engage with future posts from you).   The other type of posts that are really good for engagement is asking your crowd to tell you what they want from you.  Don’t leave it as an open ended question though.  Give choices like; A – content marketing B – Facebook Ads, C – funnels << you get the drift and ask them to shout up below with their choice.  When writing these kinda posts I ensure that I don’t use the word “comment(s)” as it’s a potential algorithm trigger for “forced engagement” posts which Facebook had a little crack down on. 

Engagement isn’t only good for reach but can also be a bobby dazzler to help you to increase those likes on your page. #winwin

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