Aaaaahhhhhh, I know that you don’t want to be a knob (no-one wants to be a knob) BUT sometimes we find ourselves falling into some little traps that hit the knobby stakes, sometimes we do things without realising we are even doing them.
I don’t want you to be a knob AND
You don’t want to be a knob 😬
So let’s make sure we are avoiding all knobbery at all costs.
OK, so what is a knob in business first of all?
It tends to be a person who makes your skin crawl a little bit.  It might be that they are super pushy, it might be that they leave a little bit of a bad after taste in your mouth when you come across their stuff.  It’s ok, because it’s subjective.  A knob to you is a business guru to someone else.  A business guru to you may well be a knob to someone else.  So there aren’t any hard and fast rules.  This is all about what works for you and what your fans want to see from you.
You cannot be the perfect solution to everyone’s problems, you can’t attract everyone to work with you.  If you try to do this then you will end up attracting NO-ONE.
Do I follow knobs in business – YES I DO!  Why?  Because it keeps me in touch with what I don’t like and I think that I learn more from the stuff I don’t like than I do from the stuff I do.  Yeah, I know – ironic isn’t it.
Well anyhaps, this week I mentioned in one of my groups that my inbox had been inundated with emails from someone who’s list I was on.  I had had a gazillion emails over a 2 week period.  Most days I was receiving 2 per day.  UNSUBSCRIBE came the outcry from within the group.  Not on your nelly was my reply.  Why?  Because I can channel that learning into my business and use it in the lessons I teach.
Lots of people think daily emails suck!  FACT. But twice a day, phew > that is certain an overwhelm.
Another one of my pet gripes is peacocking.  What’s that all about?  Peacocking is when people seduce you into signing up for something with them, it’s usually a free call (but not always) and then they spend the majority of the time talking about themselves, strutting around like a peacock, tail feathers firmly in the air.  What’s wrong with this?  It’s not what I signed up for.  I didn’t carve an hour of my time out of my diary and my busy life to listen to you talking about you.
So you might think that these are just my little business gripes but they are in fact stuff that I know puts people off.  It makes people flee in the other direction.
So let’s look at the things you need to avoid doing (in my opinion) to avoid any knobberbility;

1. Don’t take your fans for granted.

Your fans are the life line of your business.  They are the crowd of people who are invested in what you do, they love what you do.  Whether they are on your email list OR they have liked your Facebook Page OR they are following you on a Social Media platform they have opted to hear more from you.  Don’t EVER take that for granted.  They can as easily stop following you as they start following you.
OK, so this isn’t about NEVER selling to your crowd BECAUSE that is simply bad business.  There will be times when you put sales messages out there and people will unsubscribe, that is the time to wish them well and let them go with grace & ease >> they weren’t going to buy from you anyway.  It’s ok.
This is about making sure that you aren’t considering your fans as walking wallets.  You don’t just see the bank notes when you look at them.  If you are reading this and are looking at the stuff I am doing then chances are you would NEVER consider them in this way in any event BUT it had to be said.
Respect the inbox!
People are sensitive little souls and certainly making people feel valued is super important.  Growing your community is super important too.  Without your community, your cheerleaders, your fans then you are talking to no-one, you have no prospects and no clients.

2. Peacocking is Forbidden

Please don’t do it.  It’s not fair, it’s not what your fans signed up for.  YES, they are interested in you BUT no they don’t want it to be all about you.  Again, respect your fans, respect their time and make sure you are delivering exactly what you said you would.   In my webinars the “about me” bit usually takes me less than 60 seconds.  It’s a brief overview of who I am and my experience/credibility.
Yes, I do sometimes write pieces about myself, people like a behind the scenes look at you and your business.  Your story may be massively inspiring to people out there BUT please don’t dress it up as something different.

3. Integrity

This one is massive, you need to make sure that you are running your business with ooodddles of integrity, that you are transparent and clear and that people don’t feel like you are taking them for a ride.
Make sure you are always open & honest.  This is still a fairly fresh and refreshing way to do business.  I love seeing the people who have mastered this.  John Lee Dumas provides brilliant monthly income reports on his Fire Nation website that show you exactly where his month is coming from every month and Denise Duffield Thomas has run a FANTASTIC series of “behind the curtain” blogs on her website giving an insight into her business as a yearly run down.  She also recently did a blog about the evolution of her Lucky Bitch Bootcamp programme and again, people loved it!
You don’t need to bare all to be working with integrity and to be open and honest in all that you do BUT what you do need to is to be transparent with your fans about pricing, about working with you and managing their expectations.

4. Be Yourself

Unless you are a knob! 
It’s important that you remember that YOU are perfect AS YOU ARE.  People will resonate with you and establish a relationship and rapport with you if you are you.  You definitely can’t be anyone else so you it is!
If you try to be anyone else then it will be completely unauthentic, it will feel forced and it won’t provide you with any flow & abundance.  You need to stop looking at people with the desire to emulate them.
One of my biggest recommendations to my Rockstars is to stop following people who make them feel inferior.  One of the first comments I got when I said this was “but how will I keep an eye on the competition.”  Guess what, you don’t need to!  You need to do your stuff, your way.
I know how it feels to be copied, once upon a time it would have thrown me off course, it would have made me angry and it would have resulted in my energy being spent in all the wrong places.  Now?  I go – aaahhhh that looks familiar and I jog on (ok, so I don’t jog but you get what I mean).

5. Relationships Are Key

Whether it’s with people who are providing services for your business or it’s the fans in your audience, business runs better on good relationships.
Show gratitude to those who help you.
Pay it forward when you can.
Remember how it feels to be in their shoes.
Treat others how you would love to be treat yourself
Everyone’s stuff is big stuff – offer support when you can
I’ve made A LOT of lovely friendships as a by product of my business and it’s an awesome little by product indeed.

6. Stop Bloody Chasing

All which is chased runs away.
All which is pushed moved in the opposite direction
STOP trying to chase down people, stop it already.  I had a lady this week who felt that she was being stalked by an online coach in order to purchase a product.  It made her sprint in the opposite direction.

7. Don’t Put People Down & Try To Trigger Them To Purchase

I know that the right people will buy my programmes and courses, I know that the right people will work with me on a 1-2-1 basis.  I am super involved in all that I do and I make sure that this is the way I stand out.
I know that some people don’t see it that way and that getting prospects on the telephone and belittling them is the way to close sales.  I have had clients who have been through the process and been hold that they will basically amount to nothing if they don’t buy this particular high end programme.  I have been there myself, I have been told that I am just not ready to grow my business because this particular mentor wasn’t a good match for me – ffs!  Get real!
Some people won’t be right for you and you won’t be right for them.  It’s ok!
Don’t make people feel shit, there is enough things to make you feel shit in the world without coaches adding to it!
Just be nice!  Business doesn’t have to be cut throat and mean.  You don’t need to be knob to succeed.

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