You want to lose weight, you really do but all you have is this huge, overwhelming amount of evidence that every time you start down this path you don’t stick to it, you don’t manage it, you lose motivation, you don’t see it through.  How can you even commit to something when there’s overwhelming evidence inside your head that it’s a complete and utter waste of time.  

I hear you.  I spent years and years dipping my toe into diets only to have left them behind in a matter of weeks.  I played the game at slimming clubs, you know the one, wear your heaviest clothes week one (don’t forget the belt with the huge buckle) and then on week two you’ll show up in your summer, shiff dress (even if it’s the depths of winter and it’s making you shiver).  Setting off trying to cheat the system obviously is showing that you’re investment in the system is minimal at best (or perhaps the story that you sell yourself is that if you see that initial bit of weight loss then everything will flow from there).

I know that one of the most common ones from the gorgeous Kickstarters I work with is that they are worried about staying motivated and that they won’t stick to it. 

“I never stick to it” is one of the ones that comes up in the BS Amnesty we have at the very beginning of working together.  I ask them to just reflect for a moment of all the things in their life that they do stick to.  It may be a friendship, relationship, role in their world, job, habit or anything in between.  In reality they have plenty of evidence that they can stick to stuff, just at the moment they haven’t got the evidence that they can stick to looking after their health/fitness & wellness (or perhaps that evidence feels so far in the past that it was a lifetime ago).   

When we look at implementing new things and our staying power to those things (and in other certain circumstances) we sometimes need to borrow evidence from different areas of our lives in order to lean on at the present.  You might not have done that thing before, but you may have done similar things or felt a similar way about things.  We don’t need to have direct experience in a certain area.  We have to do stuff for the first time in life and everything that already has that evidence, once you didn’t have evidence that you could do it.   Before I ran 100k I’d never ran 100k before.  I had no direct evidence that I could do it but I knew that I would, I knew that I could reply on different areas of my character that I’d displayed in different ways and at different times in my life to see me through. 

Now let’s turn to motivation.  Motivation is FICKLE AF! Motivation comes and motivation goes, chances are it’s rarely consistent and never sticks around for all that long.  Motivation is unreliable and therefore can’t be trusted.   I’ve written a whole article on this one….  

So, you don’t need to be held back by the fact that you’ve failed before ~ you’ve just not found the right way forward for you yet and you can borrow belief that you have sticking power from other areas of your life to see you through.   

I’m a huge adovcate of the fact that losing weight doesn’t need to hard.  If we fuse together mindset working, nourishing your body and focusing on health & wellness then magical things can happen.  I lost 6 & 1/2 stone without feeling deprived, without relying solely on motivation and with NO wagon to be on and therefore no wagon to fall off. 

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