It’s such an absolute kick in the teeth.

It’s so bloomin deflating.

You spend STACKS of time bringing together an amazing free resource for your audience and you simply don’t get the reaction you’d like. You might get a little trickle of sign ups or even no sign ups at all.  You feel completely defeated and totes disillusioned with it all.

What should you do?

The answer is NOT to throw in the towel and give up.

Check You’ve Got The Right Freebie 

Are you sure that this is what your crowd want/need right now?  Is the resource the right one?  Is it going to bring specific results to your specific market.  Specify is the key to a fabulous freebie.  A specific free resource, written for a specific audience that provides a specific outcome.

Will it support your fans on their journey?

Is it the right freebie for the right crowd.  If you have a mismatch between these two elements you won’t make it work.  The right freebie but you have the wrong crowd around you right now won’t get results or the right crowd with the wrong freebie won’t work either.

If your current fanbase is wrong then you need to look at starting to attract the right people to you & your business.

If the freebie is wrong and doesn’t answer pressing problems/questions that your audience have then your need to change your freebie.

Are You Dressing It Correctly? 

Lots of people ask me what I mean by this and I want you to think about all that you are promoting (whether it’s a paid for product or a freebie) as a naked manakin.  It needs dressing.  If you were dressing that manakin in a shop you wouldn’t just throw it together and stick it out there and you mustn’t be doing that in your business either.

It’s so easy for us to forget the outcomes and results that people can achieve with any of our offerings.  We have the curse of knowledge and because we are thinking about it, working on it and talking to ourselves about it all of the time we think that we have explained it fully and that everyone understands what it’s all about.  Even if your crowd are psychic they can’t be expected to be inside your head all of the time.  You have to tell your crowd what they are going to get and why they should even care at all.  What’s it going to bring to their world.  It’s not about you or the process you will take them through, it’s about THEM, it’s about the benefits it will bring to their world.

Re-check your copy and make sure that you are dressing it correctly and showing it off in it’s best light.

Tell your crowd exactly why they can’t go another day without having this in their mitts.

Are You Marketing It? 

Another big one right here.  Lots of people think because it has been in their consciousness consistently that people have seen it.  You need to get it out there and let people know it exists.  One post on Facebook isn’t going to bring you any results.  Even a freebie needs marketing.

✔️Think about using Social Media (regularly) to promote your freebie, do videos about it, text posts about it and use cracking images.

✔️Do some paid promotion on it too (some Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads or Instagram Ads) in order to get in front of more people

✔️Promote it to your email list if you already have one, this will allow people who are already in your crowd to receive even more value from you.

✔️Make sure that your free resources are prominent on your website

✔️Promote your freebie within your blogs or under your blogs.

Are You Happy With It? 

You simply won’t promote it properly if you aren’t 100% happy with the finished product.  Check that you aren’t blocking yourself because you are nervous or anxious about whether it’s good enough or not.  If you think that it might not be good enough and you are doubting it then you will naturally be inclined to not shout about it so much.  Ask someone to take a look at it for you.  Ask a peer you trust or someone whom you know to be the right type of person for your crowd to give you an opinion on your free resource.

Is It Working? 

Have you checked the sign up process?  You need to make sure that when someone is leaving their email address that everything is connected and they are ending up on your mailing list and their free resource is being delivered.

So, the moral is that the first time isn’t fatal on this list building malarkey.  Check you are covering the bases and then go shout from the rooftops.

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