It might be that you have the day to day stuff covered and on a month by month basis you have a strategy to continue to grow your business but BOOM, something comes along and it completely throws you off course, a bill you weren’t expecting, an expense you want to (or in fact need to) incur that you don’t have the available cash to cover right now, an opportunity you want to take but the money is a little tight currently.

What do you do?

❌ Panic?

❌Be resigned to not having the available cash?

❌Get wobbly about not having a cash reserve?

Well, yeah, you should be getting into a position in your business where there is a surplus of cash, where you are budgeting for training or events that you want to do and that you have your tax bill all nicely tucked away and ready to send off to the lovely government BUT that’s not always the case.

I have become somewhat of a cash magician for some of my lovely Rockstars and when the occasion arises we can drive the income necessary.

So what do you need to do?

First you need a little reality check. 

How much money do you ACTUALLY need, now this isn’t a time for quick back of the fag packet kinda calculations (I ALWAYS know if people are giving these to me!)  You need to be honest with how much you actually need to make to cover the expense in mind.

What having you already got coming in in that period? 

How much money have you already got secured in income/revenue for the period in question (again, no fly by the seat of your pants calculations here please).

What’s going out during that period 

Again, be completely honest, look at your outgoings for the period and work out how much you will need in order to cover these.  Whilst you are there you might as well do an outgoings audit and check if you have any outgoings that you could reduce or get rid of all together.

How much do you actually need

So this is the first figure (what do you need) less the second (how much is already coming in) plus the third figure (what is set to go out) = the figure you need to aim for in your activities. Gosh, that looks like a mathematic calculation there doesn’t it BUT effectively it’s what you need minus what’s already coming in net of outgoings.

Align to figure 

Trust that you can make this figure.  Throw some numbers around and look at the different ways that you could generate this cash.  You can got down all the things you could sell, without filter initially (although you don’t need to include your body – for medical research or otherwise).

Take Action 

✔️Where are the opportunities in that list?

✔️What could you do in order to drive this cash?

✔️Which seems like the path of least resistance?

✔️Go out there and make that offer to people & market it like you mean it!

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