I talk A LOT about heart centred businesses and soulful entrepreneurs but what does that even mean??

I have been asked recently to define what I mean when I talk about growing heart centred businesses. It seems to be a term that lots of people have adopted and I love to help and support heart centred businesses and I am a heart centred business owner BUT what does it even mean?

If I was to sum it up in one line I would say it’s about giving a sh!t.

Care to expand? Of course! It’s about truly caring about what you do, being super passionate about your business, knowing that what you do is about more than just the money (although it’s totally ok to make money out of it too). It’s about making a difference.

It’s shifting from 3D into 5D business conciousness.

It’s about fair exchange (money isn’t icky, this is an exchange and that exchange needs to be fair), attraction (brining people to you rather than chasing after those people), authenticity (you don’t need to be anything but yourself).  It’s bringing spiritual principles and conciousness into business.  It’s about listening to your heart and your gut, it’s about doing the right thing rather than chasing every dollar.

The words??

  • Stepping Up 
  • Truth 
  • Power 
  • Positioning 
  • Heart & Soul 
  • A movement 
  • A desire 
  • A yearn 
  • A calling 
  • Thinking & doing 
  • Caring for others 
  • Making the world a better place 
  • Dedication 
  • Desire 
  • Support 
  • Action 
  • Shining your client
  • Being a beacon to your fans and taking them beyond their stuck place. 

It’s not icky, it’ not pushy, it’s not forced.

It’s not an excuse to play small or play safe. It’s not wishy washy. It’s not airy fairy.

It’s about a movement of people who want to do business in a different way. People who know that business doesn’t have to pin-striped suits and lots of stress. People who know that their passion, skills and talents can benefit other people and make their world (and the world at whole) a better place.

It’s not a point to ridicule, it’s not about not being a “proper” business – in one line it’s about truly caring.