Free, Live Class – Friday 18th October at 1.30pm 

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All you need to do is show up & press play (there’s no fancy dan equipment, apps or things to download to get involved)

This year EVERYTHING changed. 

I’d put on A LOT of weight running an online business and things HAD TO change.  I was neglecting myself at every single turn and that was NOT the example that I wanted to be putting out there. 

Yeah, I was a skinny mini after the birth of my first child, I worked hard to get rid of the weight and to get back into my body groove.

Whilst my little lady was just a toddler I became self employed. My first self employed role was very active so initially the baby weight shifted.

Now WTF has this got to to do with running a business.

I then began to craft & create a digital business. I became a student of all things business.

I heard people talk about YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH and I thought “ah, it’s alright for you because you’ve got your business shit together ~ I’ll get back onto my fitness when……..”

I became a slave to my desk (**not good by the way) and I got out of the habit and routine and perhaps even got a bit lazy.

I told myself stories about when I’d get back to it and made up BS excuses to get away with it.

So, let’s get super clear here;

✔️ Self employment does not need to equal self neglect 

✔️ You are the BIGGEST asset in your business and you need to treat yourself that way

✔️ Energy is so important in your business and if you’re feeling lethargic, wrung out, exhausted then something HAS TO change



I’ve Been Asked A LOT So I Want To Share What I’ve Done To Shed 5 Stone+ & Embrace My Mega Awesome

YES, weight loss has been part of my journey over this year BUT this isn’t just about loosing weight.  My message here certainly IS NOT that skinny is better or that in order to be a success you need to shed the pounds.  My message here is about so much more than that.  

Here’s a little shimmy through what it’s all about…

What I'll Be Sharing With You

I am going to share some bobby dazzlers with you on this one.  Here’s a little sneak preview…

➡️ It all starts with a FUCK THIS SHIT or a FUCK IT MOMENT 

➡️ How to ditch the excuses & shift your creativity and mindset massively 

➡️ Whether you need some sort of fancy dan diet with a weird name and stacks of rules 

➡️Exercise & movement and what you need to know 

➡️ Creating routine and consistency 

➡️ How to go ALL IN 

➡️ the tools & strategy I’ve used 

➡️ How all this impacts on your business 

➡️ What Yoda has to do with all of this 

The Side Effects....

The side effects? 

🌟 Fitter,

🌟  Healthier,

🌟 More fun,

🌟 Massively more energy 

🌟 More joy,

🌟 More creativity 

🌟 Better role model 

🌟 Increased Productivity 

🌟 Increased Profitability 

What I've Learned..

✔️ I do have time to exercise and my health IS important.

✔️ I can do anything I set my mind to

✔️ I am more creative and my mindset shifts.

✔️  am not prepared to make excuses and with everything in business I make an active choice to be ALL IN. Just going through the motions doesn’t work.

Fancy joining us?

The class will be live, super interactive and I can’t wait to share more with you!!