One that’s so often lost and neglected is US! I know I did.  I had a stack of roles and responsibilities in my world and bit by bit I slowly fell down a hole of self neglect, getting increasingly unfit and unhealthy, day by day it snuck up on me.  I spent my time divided between parenting, working and getting all the things done.  

I know that my health, fitness and wellness took a hit.  

Your energy & health is so ridiculously important for your happiness & success and I’m super passionate about it being something we have a focus on. 

If you want some help & support to get your energy zinging then make sure you get your hands on The Tip Top Energy Checklist


The Unhealthy Entrepreneur

The Unhealthy Entrepreneur

So, you're building a business.  Everyone is very quick to offer you a whole stack of advice (both solicited and non-solicited 🙄) about what that's all about.  You're bombarded with messages of hustle and how you're going to have to work harder than you've ever worked...

The Story of Jenny

The Story of Jenny

I'm not actually going to tell you the story, she is... Late 2017 was when I discovered Emma. Up until that point, I was trying to resurrect my jewellery business that had all but vanished after three years of hell, battling chronic pancreatitis and my head was a...

The Story Of Abbie

The Story Of Abbie

So, let me tell you the story of Abbie….. Abbie reached out to me earlier this year. She felt like she’d kinda lost her way a little bit. She had fallen out of love with lots of elements of her life. She described is as “unhelpful self-inflicted behaviour patterns.”...

Why I Didn’t Join A Slimming Club

Why I Didn’t Join A Slimming Club

Something I consistently get asked is what "plan" I followed to ditch my weight or "do you do slimming world" or there's an expectation that I did some extreme BS. YES, I did consider (fleetingly) joining a slimming club when I started this journey. They'd worked for...

Habitual Success Replay

Habitual Success Replay

It's time to shift, it's time to change, it's time to create all you've ever dreamed of. This message is for YOU! You're capable, you're able, you deserve what you desire. Today, make a choice, show up for you and lean into the change. I delved into this one in a...

Season 1 – Rockstar Rebellion Recap

Season 1 – Rockstar Rebellion Recap

It's ridiculously exciting to have put together the first of a brand new series of Rockstar Rebellion. YES, it was time to change things up a bit and it was time to dive into an exploration of discussions with the gorgeous Rockstars that I love and admire.  My...

Stop Pissing About

Stop Pissing About

Please, stop pissing about.  Life's short, that's not meant as a statement that's made to make you feel bad/guilty/generally shit.  It's a statement of fact.  Whilst we are sat in our heads it can feel like things are so stagnant and claggy that time almost seems to...

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Change is a certainty in this world and you can either be a passenger to the changes that occur or you can get hold of life by the scruff of the neck and make the changes you want to see.  


Change never need be hard or complicated or a slog, it should be an adventure and fun, this guide shows you how to create change on your terms! 

Free Checklist

There’s nothing worse than feeling constantly exhausted.  You very quickly get into the Catch 22 where you know you need to make changes but you’re too tired to even contemplate the changes you need to make.  

This Checklist takes you through the easy actionables you can implement with ease to optimise your energy…

Boss Your Breakthroughs

A free mini programme designed just for you to be in a position to start to make those breakthroughs, we dive into apathy, disengagement, dissecting your dialogue, dealing with overwhelming and working out exactly where to start.  

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The Scales Won't Budge

Yup, super frustrating with side effects leading from angst to apathy, deprivation to feeling like a failure (again), it can even lead you to taking all sorts of drastic action.  You can feel defeated, deflated, apathetic and question whether this is just your lot in life.  It doesn’t need to be this way, grab your free ebook….

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A weekly dose of inspiration, motivation, mindset shifts, muse points & magic, delivered directly to your inbox.  

What Is Not To Love About That! 

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Jenny's Story

Jenny had had all but vanished, she wasn’t sure who she was anymore.  After three years of hell, battling chronic pancreatitis and her mental health and mindset was, in her words, “a mess.”  Nothing was working, she was so close to giving up and being the failure, I had been told I was all my life. Read her story….

Abbie Story...

Abbie had found herself in a position where her hobbies had taken a back seat, she’d put on weight, she’d stopped the epic hikes with her beloved dog and she’d not been to the mountains in an age.  She was devoid of energy and just wanted to crash after a day at work.  It was time for action.  Here’s her story…

Rebecca's Story

Rebecca was the mum of a toddler, she’d become self employed, she was managing (some of the time) a life riddled with anxiety and she felt that she wasn’t herself anymore.  

Rebecca didn’t appreciate how much she would gain from the journey she set out on. 



Kickstarter Catalyst is my signature adventure that focuses on creating a sustainable and lasting transformation in your world & leaves you full of energy and re-ignites that zest for life.  You gotta wanna know more…


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