I asked my lovely witchy friends for some tips for you.

Here goes…

Drink plenty of water, get outside in the fresh air and get grounded…somewhere where there are trees and grass, smoky Quartz in pockets and Epsom salt baths with essential oils. Biggest thing is mindset…the full moon offers us a monthly opportunity to let go of our stuff that we don’t need, that isn’t serving us. Write it all out and burn it by the light of the moon, then focus on what you’d lie to welcome into your life ????

Jennie Harrison The Sleep Deprived Mum’s Coach

Lots of fresh air , taking a few deep breaths out your window if you can’t get out will help clear your head.

Get grounded.

Epsom salt baths ( help clearing and grounding ) crystals that help with grounding – Smokey Quartz , hematite and moonstone or selenite to bring emotional balance!

Stay clear of drama/confrontation just be at peace .

Use essential oils to help balance and calm – lavender, geranium for instance … lemon to help uplift maybe .

Rescue night spray or remedies to help you focus and have patience lol !

PMT is normally rife around moon times so all of these tools will help!

This full moon /eclipse season is bringing up 1999 for us all . So what was going on then ? It’s coming up to resurface and release .

Write everything down your feeling. What you wish to release now …. “for your highest and greatest good ” and burn it!

Or simply imaging everything you want to release and let it all go!

With love !!

Gina Goodchild – The Moon Whisperer


Full moon tips – use it as a time to let go.

Out with the old in with the new.

Declutter your home/mind today so you can flow with the new energy.

Make some luna water – leave a jug of water out to charge under the moonlight and use it in your bath when you need recharge or on your crystals when they are feeling heavy.

Trudie from Indigo Grace


Hi here’s some tips for Snow Moon Eclipse tomorrow.
The energy is extremely powerful so any spellwork needs to done carefully and normally by an experienced practitioners.

However there are few great things you can do during the full moons eclipse:

1) because it is about facing your fear doubt and lack of confidence and the full moon falls on Saturday day of Saturn it’s all about banishing and removing obstacles , so in this instance your own mental blocks.

2) make some banishing water , take some bottled spring water ( tap water will do if you don’t have bottled) pour the water into a glass jar or container but it out side early Saturday morning and allow the water to charge with full moon eclipses energy, you can then use this water to cleanse away negativity from objects ( sprinkle some the offending object) , add it to bucket of water 13 teaspoons and use as floor wash, window sill wash , skirting boards wash etc to rid your house of stagnant negative energy. You could also had 13 teaspoons to your bath water and immerse yourself in it to rid your Auric field of negativity and help loosen those self inflicted blocks. It’s powerful stuff so be ready for the shift.

3) write down your worries , or doubts on a piece of paper with black ink , take a decent size stone dig a hole in the soil in your garden take your paper out put it in the hole place the stone on top and bury it with the soil.

4) alternatively write your worries, blocks etc down on a piece of paper with black ink and throw into a stream , river or the sea.

These may seem quite simple techniques but due to the the eclipse will have Avery powerful effect .

Andrea Lancaster The White Witch

Go forth and harness the power of that full moon!!

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