So you think you know what Instagram is all about?

Beautiful images. Enviable lifestyles. Gorgeous people. Celebrity status.

That’s the stereotype of Instagram that many people still hang on to. But the truth is, Instagram has changed!

It’s no longer the social media equivalent of a high end magazine. It’s not even a glossy gossipy mag, although it certainly has those sides to it.

As Instagram has become more mainstream it’s become lots of different things to lots of different people.

Communities have popped up on Instagram around a huge variety of different interests. From Mrs Hinch making cleaning your home and shopping at the pound shop cool to #curlygirl leading me to spend far too much of my time watching other women wash their hair (in a totally non weird way I promise 🤣).


Everyone belongs on Instagram now, no matter how niche your interests are.



That means there’s a good chance your crowd are hanging out there…even if they weren’t 6 months ago.

If you’re running a business and you haven’t yet found your place on Instagram then now is the time to consider if and how Instagram fits into your marketing.

Where to start with Instagram for business

Before you go any further, it’s important to take a step back and really think about who your audience is, where they are hanging out and what they want.


  • Ask your existing followers, subscribers or customers – the likelihood is you already have an audience somewhere, even if it’s small at this point, so start by asking them if and how they’re using Instagram.
  • Dive into the Instagram app and check out what’s going on – have a look at hashtags and accounts that your audience might already be following. This will give you a feel for what grabs their attention and holds their interest on Instagram, whilst also helping you to get more familiar with the app.


These two simple steps will help you better understand how to use Instagram in your business.

I know that tackling anything techy for the first time can be daunting but know that if you show up as yourself and stay true to your message then you really can’t get it wrong.

Seize this opportunity to show up in the places that your audience are choosing to spend their time and connect with them over the interests that they’re passionate about.


About Beckie

Beckie Coupe works with soulful entrepreneurs to give them the confidence to use social media and truly make it their own. To show up, stand out and shine online. To shout their message from the rooftops, attract their dream clients and create a business and a lifestyle that they adore!
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