A couple of days ago I received a message from a lovely lady who had just finished her accounts and she told me that I’ve helped her to double her sales from Facebook for this last year! I can’t tell you how happy this made me to hear this and this is exactly why I do what I do!! Being able to help and make a difference to other lovely ladies businesses is what lights me up and I’m so passionate to help as many of you as I can to get results like this!

I know you might be reading this thinking that this isn’t possible for you, but I want you to know that getting amazing results from Facebook is 100% possible for you too! I’ve done it and I’ve helped tonnes of lovely ladies to do it too – so why not you?!

Facebook gives us such an incredible opportunity to grow our business but I see so many people not taking advantage of this! I get it – Facebook is hard and ridiculously frustrating at times – but if you commit to implementing these tips I share with you I promise that you will start to see a big difference!

So let’s get started today! 

Here are three simple things I want you to commit to so that you can start seeing real results from Facebook.

1. Focus on building REAL relationships!

We are so lucky to have such an incredibly effective way of connecting with our ideal customers on Facebook, but I see so many businesses not connecting with them at all and instead using their page to just sell and shout about themselves.

This will not get results.

We need to remember that Facebook is a social media platform, so we need to actually do just that – be social and really connect and build real relationships with our ideal customers.

The way we do this is by getting engagement – as having people engage on our page is giving us the opportunity to have real conversations with them and the more we do this, the more they will get to know, like and trust us and the more we build REAL relationships. So ask your ideal customers questions, ask for their feedback, interact and respond to them – show them that they matter. Share content with them that they’ll absolutely love and that will really help them.

It’s important to understand that people won’t just buy from you straight away – it’s a process! They need to build know, like and trust first and once you have this they will then be much more likely to buy from you! So you need to warm them up over time by sharing this amazing content and really connect with them, and then they will be much more likely to convert into buyers.

2. Be Consistent!

I see a lot of people just posting a couple of times a week or even a month and I’m afraid this is not enough if you want to see results . You need to be showing up every day on Facebook – your competitors certainly will be, so you need to be too! Being consistent is what gives your ideal customers the opportunity to build a relationship with you – to get to know, like and trust you. If they’re not seeing you on a regular basis they will not build this and they are unlikely to buy from you. I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’? Well this is so true – especially on Facebook where it is so crazy competitive.

It can take some time to build up, but keep going! Be consistent, show up and you will start to see results. Most people give up before they start to see the returns and it’s such a shame as all the effort they put in has gone to waste. So be patient and be consistent.

Another great reason to be consistent on your page is because the more consistent you are, the more organic reach Facebook gives you. They absolute love pages that are consistent and push their posts out to more people. So try to post at least once a day if you can and remember that consistency is the key to getting real results on Facebook!

3. Show YOU!

So this is something that I know a lot of people shy away from but it’s really important to show YOU on your page! After all, people still buy from people and they absolutely love to see the person behind the business. This is such an amazing way to build know, like and trust with your ideal customers and as we know, once you have this they are much more likely to buy from you.

Showing you really helps your ideal customers to connect with you and once you have this emotional connection this is so powerful! Some tips for doing this are:


✔Try writing in a friendly conversational tone – so try and write as though you are chatting face to face with your ideal customer. Are there certain words or phrases you always use? If so use them!


✔Use a picture of yourself for your page profile image – this is such a great and easy way to help people to connect with you more.


✔Share things that are happening in your life – try and speak about things that you know your ideal customer will relate to. For example, you could share behind the scenes posts, what exciting things you are up to or working on this week, a funny post about your family life, a photo of your family or dog.


This all helps to show that there is an actual person behind the business – someone that your ideal customer can really connect with and relate to. When your ideal customer forms this connection with you, you will definitely stand out to them and they are much more likely to buy from you!


I know it can be ridiculously hard as a small business owner to try and fit everything in, but I promise if you commit to posting once a day, focus on really connecting with your ideal customers and show YOU on your page it will make such a difference and you will start to see real results!


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I really hope you’ve found this useful!

Nicky specialises in helping ladies to grow their business through the power of Facebook. She has over 20 years marketing experience, has blogged for The Huffington Post and is on a mission to make Facebook marketing easy for you – to take away the overwhelm and show you how to get real results!

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