Ooooohhhh so often you can start to feel super uncomfortable.  I often tell my lovely Rockstars that this feeling of un-comfort in business is exactly the same as when your jeans start to feel uncomfortable – it’s merely a sign of growth.  One type of growth might be more welcome than the other BUT it’s growth all the same. It can feel a little uneasy, a little like you can’t sit down comfortably, it can make you feel a little sick and green around the gills but it really is just growth.
It’s all part of the process.  I get it now.  Absolutely yes I used to get wobbly with those feelings of unease.  It used to kinda creep up on me and make me feel like there was something wrong, like I was getting it wrong.  I would question the feeling and overthink it to the moon & back.  Is this really right?  Am I getting it right? What am I doing wrong?  Have I f*cked this up? Why do I feel like this? I am not sure that I’m doing the right things, serving in the right way? 

BUT, I get it now! 

It’s that ride at the theme park that you wanna go on but know it’ll make you grip tight. You look on and you know, deep down, that you wanna give this a go, you wanna experience the thrill, you don’t wanna play safe & sit on the side line.  
You psych yourself up.
You’re ready for this!
You’re gonna take the ride.
You’re gonna be brave!

Eeeeekkkkk – BUT it’s still scary.  

In the same way as that fairground ride it’s about time you said, “what the heck, bring it on.”  YUP, it might make my tummy feel a little bit funny.  ABSOLUTELY, I know that I’m gonna hold on tight and grip until my knuckles turn white.  YES I get that it’s gonna be totes uncomfortable BUT it’s gonna be ABSOLUTELY worth it!
This growth thing is a sneaky one because it sneaks up on you as other feelings.  It sneaks in as feeling a little anxious, being a little analytical and about questioning your next steps. It can be very easily confused with a wobble.  It’s not a wobble, it’s simply growing pains.  In order to tell the difference, you really need to look at your self talk and your feelings;
  • Is it exciting and terrifying at the same time?
  • Are you looking at doing stuff you’ve never done before?
  • Are you considering taking the next step towards your big dream?
  • Are you starting to analyse where you are and where you’re going?
If you are nodding to the above then chances are that the growing pains are sneaking up on you.
Dealing with them? Allow them to wash over you.  Let the feelings hit you BUT don’t let them grip you.  Know them for what they are and acknowledge them with the warm laughter that you have their number! Know that it’s part of the process and that they’ll pass.  Be mindful during this period as they will try to take you into overthinking and overwhelm and that’ll get you suck. Recognise them for what they are and allow them to pass on their way!