Wowsers, this already feels like a little bit of a controversial one and one where I’m going to be talking A LOT about there being a fine line!

BUT, equally, I think it’s a massively important subject to cover.

It’s about taking responsibility for yourself, your energy and your business.

I am the BIGGEST advocate of helping other people, and my mission is to help you sidestep your fear, help you move outside of your comfort zone, encourage you to be comfortable being yourself in your business and show you that you can build a ridiculously big business, your way, without it ever feeling icky or horrible.  I want to help you.  I know that there are times when you are wobbly, I know that there are times when you will question yourself and your whole being and I know that there are times when it will feel hard.  I know that there are times when you will need more support than others.

I also know that you have to start to take responsibility for your energy and your business.

So what do you need to take responsibility for?  What is it all about?

Start To Sure Up Your Own Mindset

Easier said than done, right? Yup, it really is. BUT that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  I always seek to achieve a passively good mindset.  It’s not about glass half full or glass half empty, it’s about knowing that you have control to fill up your glass whenever it suits you.  It’s about starting to look at the solutions rather than the problems.  If I encounter issues and stuff that need resolving I make a decision not to dwell on the issue but to put my energy into finding solutions.

It’s a choice as to whether you want to stay stuck or not.

It might be that these feelings are deeply rooted but that’s ok.  Acknowledge that, feel the feelings anyway, but then take action to get the help you need.

Look to solve your issues or to get someone to help you.

Avoid Energy Vampire-ing 

Most people absolutely don’t mean it BUT when they hit a wobble in the road, they get sucked in by the energy vampires (or worse, they slip into energy vampire mode) without much thought.

An energy vampire is one of those people who leaves you feeling drained, wrung-out, and with despair written all over your face, even after the shortest of chats.

It might be that you have joined a group of entrepreneurs, or a mastermind, or a friendship group where the general vibe is “woe is me” and people only ever tap in to whinge and whine and seek help.  But these groups are not beneficial to ANYONE!

I’m all for asking for help and I’m all for seeking support BUT the groups that end up being a wobble fest do not serve anyone.  They don’t serve the wobbler of the day as it gives them permission to stay stuck, and facilitates the stuckness.  They don’t serve those who aren’t stuck that day as it steals their time and energy, and the wobble can often have an undercurrent which sucks them under too.

I know that my personal Mastermind buddy and I do have times when we aren’t energetically in a good place and need to thrash things out. But if either of us feels like this, we’ll raise our hand and say it might be tricky today. We won’t pull the other one into a negative vibe, especially if they’re having an energetically tricky day. It will serve neither of us.

It’s also important that you are outcome focused and don’t dwell on the wobbles.

If you are part of any groups that directly pull on your energy, you need to take responsibility and decide whether those groups are serving your best interests. Equally, if you are part of these groups and use them as your wobble soapbox, ask yourself if it’s actually helping you, or it’s just prolonging your wobble instead. Don’t use these groups to endorse each other’s stuck-ness and keep each other stuck.  Get out of there, quick!

You are responsible for YOUR ENERGY. You need to make sure you aren’t being drained by the energy vampires. And equally, you need to make sure you aren’t being a drain on others because those kind of relationships are simply unhealthy!

Take Action 

You are responsible for taking action in your business.  No-one else can do this stuff for you.  You have to do the stuff.  Don’t get stuck in over planning, don’t get stuck in learning and not implementing, don’t get stuck waiting for perfection.  Take the action and do the stuff you need to do.

It might scare the pants off you at first.  Business isn’t about being fearless.  It’s about knowing that the fear isn’t greater than your mission, and accepting and embracing that the fear is a sign that you are about to do something to help you grow and evolve.








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