You’re busy! 

There’s stacks to do.  

The to do list can seem like it’s never ending (by the way that’s a good thing, I mean that there’s loads of capacity for growth & progress in your business ~ if the to do list was complete then there’d be no scope to continue moving forwards and your business would have stagnated). 

Here’s the thing we need to make sure is front & central in our mind so that we can focus on the right things.  WHAT IS THE BUSINESS OBJECTIVE of the thing you’re working on?  When you know the primary business objective of the task in hand then you can prioritise the strategy that mets that target. 

Let me explain; 

Think about categorising the activity into an primary objective.  You may have a heirarchy of objectives for the particular project, which means you can prioritise the outcomes you seek. 

The objectives could be; 

  • Getting in front of new people with your message. 
  • Building your audience 
  • Enhancing know/like & trust with your audience 
  • Serve the pants off your audience 
  • Increasing the traffic to your website 
  • Engagement 
  • Building your mailing list  
  • Conversion – making more sales 

Why is this helpful?  Well, if the objective is that you want to use the particular project to get in front of new people then your strategy is slightly different to if your primary objective is to serve the pants off your existing crowd. 

Say for example you’re looking to launch a YouTube channel.  You want to use the YouTube channel in order to open your work up to a whole new audience.  You know that there’s an untapped audience that’s hanging out over on YouTube and you want to get in front of those people.   Your primary objectives might look like this; 


Your inital objectives; 

  1. Get in front of a new audience 
  2. Build your audience  

So you know that your focus needs to be on getting found and getting people to want to follow along with your channel.  You prioritises may therefore be SEO – making sure that you are using good keywords & tags on your videos to ensure that your content is getting found by new people.  You will be ensuring that your titles are exactly what your potential audience are looking for and that you are creating clickable images that intice.  You also want to make sure that there’s a strong call to action to subscribe to your channel so that they don’t miss the up & coming videos.  In order to keep YouTube happy and to ensure that you’re getting the eyes on your work then you need to make sure you are posting regularly on the channel. 

Your channel could also have a secondary focus of enhancing know, like & trust with your existing audience by driving traffic to your YouTube videos and being able to serve the pants off them with additional content (although you might also decide to simply use the video as native content on your existing platforms – there’s pros and cons to both). 


As you’ve started to get a base of content on that new channel then you might be steamlessly transitioning into phase 2.  That doesn’t mean that the primary objectives don’t still exist but you’re adding more thoughts into the list. 

  1. Serving the pants off this new crowd
  2. Encouraging them over to your website 
  3. Getting them on your mailing list 

So we are thinking about continuing to do the phase one pieces and then strategically considering the calls to action so that you are hitting point 2 & 3. 


We might be adding the next phase onto the list now and thinking about the next stage of the relationship.  The focus may well now shift to turning followers into customers.   

Having your eyes on what the primary & secondary objectives (or even the phases of progress you are working on) will allow you to ensure that you’re doing the most important tasks/activies to ensure that the project is in the best position to give you the returns that you are seeking. 

Asking yourself what the business objectives of the activies in your business are generally also allows you to make sure that you’re not spending time on activities that don’t really support the growth of your business. 

I hope that one’s got you thinking a wee bit 😉 

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