Whether 2021 has been a bobby dazzler for you OR not so much so OR a bit of a mixed bag then it might be that you are turning your sights right now to 2o22.  AND it might be that it’s crossed your mind that you wanna get some different results from the work that you’re doing. 

There’s be an increasing angst amongst entrepreneurs of late (it’s been brewing and festering for years) around non-recipricol marketing.  Lots of entrepreneurs are putting an awful lot of time, effort, energy & attention into their marketing and they feel like they are shouting down a deep dark hole.  If this is you or you feel like it’s your efforts aren’t quite having the impact that you deserve for the work you put into it then it’s time to STOP, make a change because if you want different results then you have to do something differently. Please don’t implement the strategy of simply doing MORE of what isn’t working. 

Social Media is AMAZING but it can also suck you into spending ALL your time there and you can feel like you’re shouting down a deep, dark hole or that your efforts are not reciprocated – you’re giving to your crowd but getting very little in return.  They might be helicopters and digesting all your content but they are above the clouds and you can’t see they – they are the equivalent of the incognito browser, not leaving any evidence of their existence (if you’re one of those then please pop in and say hi ~ you could pop it at the comments on the bottom of this article or shoot me a DM on social media or send me an email 😀). 

It’s important that you are allocating your time in the right places; 

1️⃣  Your clients 

2️⃣  The most impactful areas of your work – the places where you can get the best returns of the time you invested in it.  It’s not always financial returns but there needs to be a return on investment. 

3️⃣  Content with longevity

4️⃣  Other stuff

Anyhaps, I digress, let’s get back to the things that will support you to get different results in 2022….

➡️  Get To Know The Rhythm Of Your Crowd 

Tapping into the rhythm of your crowd can make your work much more impactful and in particular can have a huge impact on your Social Media posting strategy.   

We are looking at what your crowd have in common here and thinking about the best times to put different types of content into their world.  It might be that you are thinking about manoeuvring your content around their working day.  It might be that your crowd would be more able to read an article that you’ve written on an evening or a weekend rather than during the day (I even do this dependant on the type of article that I’m bringing together – I know that my crowd are more likely to read a health/wellness kinda article on an evening or weekend than a businessey AF article), don’t pop your blog posts out at 7am if the likelihood is that they are going to be rushing around with the morning routine, they ain’t gonna have time to take the click.  Being more strategic with the placement of your content, to fit the rhythm of your clients, is hugely impactful and will ensure that you are optimising the time you spend on your work! 

➡️ Nailing Your Copy 

So many people have an epic product or service but are simply articulating it poorly out there into the world.   Good sales copy is EVERYTHING.  You will never get the returns you want and optimise your profits without it unfortunately.  So often people resist their sales copy or they write it as quickly as they possibly can in order to get something out there. 

Sales copy is a love letter to your client. 

It’s an invitation to your client to fulfil a dream perhaps. 

It’s a prescription for your client to get them unstuck and to remove their problems and angsts. 

You need to think about what they want, what they need to hear, what will support them to make the purchase, what outcomes they are seeking.  What they want to add and what they want to subtract from their world.  The copy needs to be ALL ABOUT THEM, with a wee sprinkling of you.  I work with my clients to rewrite and optimise their sales messaging and then layer into that story telling, social proof and highly impactful calls to action.  It’s then a test, tweak and change to ensure that your sales copy is speaking to the right people, in the right way and ticking ✅ all the boxes = making you a no-brainer investment! 

➡️  Creating & Filling The Funnel 

The funnel doesn’t have to be icky or horrible, the funnel is effectively a path to purchase.  It’s you being able to  1️⃣ show your relevance to your audience 2️⃣  create a relationship with them 3️⃣ nurture that relationship 4️⃣ showcase your expertise, credibility & style 5️⃣ highlight the product or service that might just be the perfect fit for them. 

Without a path to purchase lots of people won’t be finding your products and services or won’t be able to see it’s huge relevance to them.  A funnel with cracking sales copy can provide mind blowing results in your business.

You can check out the articles about funnels here…       

➡️  Content With Longevity That’ll Bring A New Audience

I’m often asked about biggering your audience and what you need to be doing and mostly people are talking about growing their social media followers through strategies directly on Social Media.  Now, yes, that can be impactful but you don’t have to simply grow Social Media through your Social Media – you could invite your mailing list to follow you on different platforms (who knows where they came across you for the first time and they may follow you on one platform and not another), you could have calls to action in your articles to follow you on Social Media (including guest articles on other people’s blog/website) and directing people to your social media if they find you in other ways (maybe you have biz cards or leaflets, maybe it’s about having an ace welcome email for new subscribers to your mailing list, links on your website and articles).  I have totally digressed from the topic in hand here 😂 

 Content with longevity is so important. So many people spend the majority of your time on disposal content – they craft post after post for social media (that they don’t reuse) and it simply disappears into the interwebby world.   

Content with longevity is about 1️⃣  getting super smart with your social media content – reusing it, recycling it AND repurposing it 2️⃣ creating content with longevity that brings new people to your audience and let’s people find you. 

Essentially it’s search engine based content. 

When people find you through the search engines then they are looking for exactly what it is that you do! This, not only, means that they are pre-qualifying themselves as being interested in what you do and they are searching for answers to something that made you appear in their world – therefore  the path to purchase can be fast tracked (you don’t need to persuade them that they need this problem solving, they are already looking for the answers!) 

Search engine based content can be; 

1️⃣  Some social media platforms – particularly YouTube that people use mostly as a search engine and follow regular channels 

2️⃣  Your blog/website – which will be found through Google & the likes 

3️⃣  Google My Business – if it’s relevant to your business 

4️⃣  Podcasts

5️⃣  Guest articles (on other people’s websites) or on platforms like Medium etc 

So, for example, I’m writing this article and it’s going to have multiple purposes and positions with longevity.  It’s going to be a blog on my website (searchable/findable within Google), it’s got an accompanying audio which is a podcast (and searchable/findable on numerous platforms), I can share it on Social Media (reusing the content) when it’s released and also use it on Social Media in the future (creating longevity), I will record a video about the same topic for YouTube (searchable/findable on YouTube) and then share that video on other social platforms too AND I can take different bits of the blog to create separate posts for social media too.  1 piece of content, a number of uses that’ll be a gift that keeps on giving AND lots of recycling/repurposing!  Much better than spending stacks of time on a gazillion different things that will disappear fairly quickly! 

It’s important that you think about what your crowd (or potential) crowd might be out there searching for.  There’s a great ebook I’ve written called “How to Come Up With Hundreds of Content Ideas Fast” that helps you to get those content ideas in the bag and use them… 


Focusing more of your time on this type of content, coupled with a fantastic list building strategy, good sales copy and an impactful funnel and you are going to see an enhanced rate of conversion, be able to help more people and make more money! What’s not to love about that! 

YES, the relationships you create and nurture on Social Media are important BUT there’s also places that need your attention too! 

I hope this has given you a few ideas about how you can create more sustainable and impactful growth!  

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