I’m a words gal!!!

I bloody love words and I can create all sorts of magic with the written and spoken word.

I’m a wordy pants.

I’m not a designy pants.

I have struggled with making things aesthetically pleasing for MANY years.  If I look back at some of the REALLY early imagery on my Facebook Page it’s proof that I was once exceedingly useless at design 🙈

It has taken me quite a lot to be able to PULL OFF some decent design work in my business and until recently I’d have said that I was more than capable of designing a good chunk of what I need on a day to day basis using Canva.  Yup, I do work with a gorgeous graphic designer on the bigger and more important projects in my business but I can knock up a blog image or a meme under my own steam.

My BIG issue was that I simply couldn’t translate that to imagery on the go.  I would need to be sat in front of a computer in order to make it happen.  This was a pain in the butt.  I couldn’t just knock out a quick image if I got inspired whilst waiting for the kids to come out of school or whilst I was sat watching gymnastics or swimming lessons (without taking my laptop with me).  I’m a big advocate of using pockets of time BUT this was one task that I couldn’t use my pockets of time to fulfil.

That was UNTIL I grabbed Vicki Nicolson’s “Visuals On The Go” mini programme.

Right, this isn’t a advertorial, I’m not getting paid to say any of this NOR am I an affiliate for the programme.

What I want you to know is;

✔️ You don’t have to be creatively minded to master your imagery in your business

✔️ You can save time by being able to create visuals on the go

✔️ Having the skills to use just your iPhone to create imagery for your business is bloody liberating

✔️ It’s allowed me to REALLY funk up lots of my social media imagery and puff some new life into the look & feel of my business

✔️BUT I’ve still been able to maintain brand integrity

If you’re the kinda gal who’s out and about a bit (or would like to be out and about a bit more), who wants to use photos you’ve taken and grab inspiration as you go or you fancy being able to nail your imagery while sat on the sofa bingeing on Netflix  THEN I’d highly recomend that you check out the programme.

I’ll let Vicki tell you a little more….

Visuals On The Go

We all love our phones don’t we!? As a business owner – and if you’re like me you’ll be out and about, blending biz with family – most days!

Also, if you’re like me that’s often when inspiration and new ideas hit you too!

If you have an iPhone did you know that you can create all your social media posts and content from it? So, now, in those light bulb moments, the possibility to create there and then, is all now possible – and in less than 5 mins – and all on brand – and consistent.

You can still make massive visual impact on the go – yes – I said it – on the go!

Visuals on the Go mini-course shows you the best apps and helps you create stunning designs, so you don’t ever lose those amazing ideas. No video is longer than 20 mins. This is a short, snappy, get rapid results mini-course – and you can create heaps of posts, Instagram highlights and stories and you can even turn your social posts into engaging musical masterpieces – even whilst devouring your next box set – or Love Island!

It’s a very specific, very easy to jump into and start to use and I love it.

If you wanna nail those graphics then check it out!

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