Freebie Frenzy


Pick Up & Print Out is a fab FREE resource filled with lots of PDFs which will help you to rock your business.  You will get access to a members area which will include your free resources as well as some little videos to help you along the way.

Here's what's available right now; 

The Facebook Ads Pack << does exactly what it says on the tin, checklists and an ebook which will help you to power through your Facebook advertising and help you to maximise your return on investment for any ads you put out there.

The Content Strategy Planner - opening up your creativity and showing you how one idea can turn into many different pieces of content that you can use in different ways.  It'll help you to maximise the impact of your content.

The "Are You Overcomplicating It" Sheet - if you are an overcomplicator or an over planner or overthinker then this one if absolutely for you.  Whenever you get into a situation or position where you think you might be overcomplicating something then this sheet will set you free (I'm also sharing a little mantra of mine with you in there.

The "Capture Ideas" Sheet - this is a fab one to sit on your desk and allow you to capture thought threads, words, phrases or questions you've been asked until you have time to process them.

Grab access to these fab resources now, download them, print them out and use them over & over again.

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Let's get together and go through some Facebook basics, some little hints and tips to get you going and a planner to get you organised.

Facebook need NOT be a drain on your time or energy...

Summit Success Planner

Does the thought of getting out there & selling stuff bring you out in a cold sweat?  Does it feel super uncomfortable?  Are you mindful that you don’t want to come across as pushy or icky? 

Check out this free Masterclass to get you going! 

We promise, no pushy, no ickyness and no getting rich quick! Simply get out of your own way and get selling. 


Ooooooooo you little ram you!

Grab your Aries ebook and find out your personal business superpowers based on your zodiac sign..


Fancy hosting an online summit but have no idea where to start or the work that’s involved?  

Grab the summit success planner and start to plan out a super success summit that hits your business objectives and is nourishing for your fans. 


If you are going to grow a fab business then you need to surround yourself with the people you are here to serve.  Easier said than done, right?  

This mini programme will show you what you need to do and the things you need to be thinking about in order to achieve a crowd filled with people who heart you & what you do. 

Dinner Products Planner

Fancy bringing together your first digital product?

Get your hands on our super duper planner which will walk you through the things you need to be thinking about and the to do list you will need to bring together...


Let's get together and go through some Facebook basics, some little hints and tips to get you going and a planner to get you organised.

Facebook need NOT be a drain on your time or energy...


Make magical things happen in your business by keeping a close eye on your numbers and growth!  

Keeping an eye on where your growth is happening and where you are getting results is a great way to focus on growth as well as see how far you’ve come. 

Grab the planners now and start each month with a clear vision! 


Do you need a members area on your website but it fills you with terror to even think about it?  

The whole tech headache means that you continue to put it off and put it off.  Perhaps you could outsource it and get a webby, techie, geekery wizard to carry it out – but wouldn’t that cost a fortune? 

Grab this step by step guide with checklists & how-to videos to guide you, stress free through the puzzle! 


Do you need to start to make some money quite quickly?  It might be that you have been chugging along and haven’t made the impact you want yet, it might be that you have simply stepped out of the flow. 

Grab the Reality Checklist so that you can take your head out of the sand and find a solution to the stuck cashflow. This practical excercise will set you free of the worry and produce the plan! 


If you are stuck for inspiration on the freebie front then this ebook will give you some suggestions of the types of freebie that you could produce and look at what could work in your business. 

It’s important that you build your list and provide stonking value to your fans whilst doing so. 

Get your creative juices flowing and stop being stuck on which sign up might work for you. 

Feeling a little bit wobbly?  It's totally normal to have wobbly days in business BUT it's really important that you are able to get to the bottom of the wobble quickly.

Grab the Wobble Sheet flow chart which will take you through your business wobble and help you to bottom it out!


Are you in a bit of a dilemma and you are unsure as to whether or not you should be putting any energy, time or attention into it?  Often we focus our energy into stuff that makes us angsty and negative.

The Should I Be Arsed Sheet will help you work out whether you should be giving any time or energy to these situations.

Grab your copy...

Even the smallest decisions can sometimes lead us to massive procrastination and overwhelm.

What's the good decision here?  Will I make the wrong decision?  What do I even need to think about when making this decision?

Grab the How To Make Good Decisions Sheet and work through how you can make a decision that's based on the important stuff and not just stick your finger in the air in order to make that choice or sit on the decision until it becomes unbearable!