The Magazine

The “Rock Your Biz” Magazine is totally FREE and delivered to your inbox every single month.  It’s pack full of the fusion of business/mindset and soul filled advice that helps you to build your business the right way…

The Productivity Bible

I am super duper productive ~ it’s one of my superpowers! This productivity bible takes you through the key principles to help you to get a whole heap more productive in your own business….

A Head For Business

This is a big ass masterclass that will delve deep into the mindset of business and will help you to get over lots of the biggest hurdles that face business owners…

The Memo

Sometimes you need a little kick up the bum.  Sometimes you need the Universe to pop a memo under your nose ~ don’t wait for a kick, grab your copy of the memo, print it out and keep it in your work space.

Selling Soulfully

Grab a little mini programme that will get you in the mood to improve your sales & selling.  For lots of Rockstars selling feels super duper scary BUT I promise it doesn’t need to be that way.

Social Media Planners

Taking the “winging it” out of your social media strategy and being in a position to see the overview of all the things your posting out there rather than just panicking about the next thing you’re gonna post.  Grab your planners and go pro on the social…

Magickal Mindset

Wowsers, what’s going on in your head can be the difference between being a super success and not quite getting it all working together ~ add a little magic and see the difference. You’ll get your hands on a mini programme to help you make the shifts..

The Week Gone By

Keeping a record of the key activity you’ve done in your business each week will help you to see the patterns of growth.  Grab the sheet I use so that I have an overview of what I’ve done each week..


The Podcast

The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen in on the go.  You don’t have to have any particular devices or apps to listen in, you can simply shimmy over with the link below.  Grab your earphones or listen out loud.  Cuddle on the sofa, listen in whilst you work or take me with you…..

The Inspo Rift

Do you need to get some ideas flowing?  If you are feeling a little content constipated or you need some ideas about what to post right now on social media then this is the perfect page for you to shimmy your way over to.  Filled with ideas & inspiration to give you a kick start. Go take a look…

Rockstar TV

Wanna dive into a whole stack of videos, inspiration, teachings, ideas rifts & more?  The YouTube Channel has lots of videos about all aspects of your business ~ from mindset to social media, list building to comparisonitis.  Head over (and don’t forget to subscribe whist you’re over there)