Guest Blog from Beckie Coupe from Infinity.  She is going to take you through one of the least loved platforms out there (LinkedIn) and show you how you can use it like a Rockstar! 

There are dozens of different strategies you could employ to build your coaching business through LinkedIn but, if you asked me for just one, it would be this – be yourself unequivocally and unapologetically.

Does LinkedIn have to be boring & stuff?

I have to admit, this flies in the face of most LinkedIn tips and training you will come across.  We’re told we must be professional, impersonal and unemotional.  We should treat our personal brand like we would a corporate identity and remove opinion and personality from the equation.

It’s complete and utter nonsense, but I bet it’s one of the biggest reasons why you’ve been avoiding LinkedIn like the plague, even though you have an inkling it could be good for your business.  The truth is, just because LinkedIn is a “business” network doesn’t mean you have to be suited and booted, tone down your personality or censor your message.

Yes, LinkedIn provides a great platform to highlight your professional experience, qualifications and other credentials, but it is so much more than a supercharged CV.  LinkedIn could help you attract more of your ideal clients, get your name and expertise in front of influencers, journalists, bloggers and the like, attract speaking gigs, find partners for joint ventures and so much more.

Certainly, it all starts with completing your profile but, rather than filling in every box like a job application, keep your eye on the prize.  If your main purpose on LinkedIn is to attract PR opportunities then use your profile to highlight your zone of genius and showcase examples of the content you’ve created or had published.  If your goal is to attract joint venture partners then make it clear on your profile who you’re looking to speak to and how they can contact you.

Why LinkedIn Can Elevate Your Marketing Mix

Whilst you will probably have a very specific reason for using LinkedIn, which might differ from other social media platforms you use, but don’t use LinkedIn in isolation.  It is simply another piece of the jigsaw that people will put together to understand who you are and why you’re special.  If someone Google’s you, your LinkedIn profile could be one of the very first things that come up so ask yourself: would my ideal client want to work with me if this was the first time thing they came across?  Your LinkedIn profile might provide a different perspective but it should be the same picture.

How Do I Even Get Started?

One of the very first things you’ll do when you set up your LinkedIn profile is upload a profile picture, or, if you’ve already got a profile that’s gathered a few cobwebs it may be time to update your picture.  Before you dig out your smartest suit and rush out to get a headshot taken, ask yourself whether that smart photo will be a true reflection of who you are and how you want to be known.  If you wear suits and you need a new headshot then great, please crack on.  But if this isn’t how you style yourself any other place, online or offline, then why create this image on LinkedIn?

I’ll say it again, BE YOURSELF!  People will tell you it’s unprofessional to use a picture you would use on your Facebook page because LinkedIn is all about business.  The point they’d be missing is that you carefully selected that photo for Facebook because it reflects who you are and how you want to be known.  If it’s good enough for Facebook then it’s good enough for LinkedIn, and using the same photo helps people to recognise you, rather than thinking you have a secret corporate twin.

So, if you’ve been avoiding LinkedIn, I Rockstar Dare you now to forget what you thought you knew about LinkedIn and make a start by creating a profile that is totally YOU!

Beckie x

Who is Beckie? 

Beckie is on a mission to unleash the inner geek inside every entrepreneur.

There always seems to be a hot new social media site that you NEED to be on. Or a sparkly new tool that promises to solve all your marketing woes and make you a mint…if only you knew how on earth to use it!

It’s no surprise that you feel overwhelmed, a little bit lost and like you’re always missing a trick.  I created Infinity to help you cut through the crap and focus on the tools and tactics that will make a real difference to your business (and your sanity!).

I want you to gain the know-how and the confidence to breathe life into all of your amazing ideas, without spending hours trying to make things work and £££ on all the computers you’ve thrown out of the window!

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