I sometimes get a little bee in my bonnet about something, which results in aggressive tapping of my keyboard, perhaps a quick Facebook live, a Social Media post or a “story.”  Today it’s resulting in all of the above and my keyboard is getting the brunt of this one (I did treat it well and give it a little clean earlier today so I’m sure it’ll forgive me).  

So, where’s all this come from & what’s it all about?  Why are the ranty pants out?  

I read a post on Facebook that, to paraphrase, said that when we get into our 40s we are saying that we are fat, old, that we were young once and that we are entering a new phase of our lives.  It implied that we are no longer 25.  We see wrinkles, grey hair and saggy skin when we look in the mirror and we are merely bringing experience & wisdom to the table instead of zest. 

Jeez Louise!! 

So let me get started, buckle in! 

16 years ago I was 25.  At the time of writing this, exactly 16 years ago I would have been 6 days away from my wedding.  I had no dependents and a whole stack of freedom.  Yes, I had responsibilities, I worked as a lawyer, I paid a mortgage each month, sorted the bills blah, blah blah.  I had been critically ill the year before and in hindsight my body was still in recovery from time spent in intensive care.  I already had a stack of life experience and stuff going on.  I had had to navigate “big stuff.” 

Fast forward 16 years and my body has been through the mill a bit.  It’s had 2 children, it’s been neglected, I’ve failed to nourish it, I’ve treat it badly at times. 

Yes I have grey hair and wrinkles and skin that doesn’t behave as it once did BUT that’s not all I see when I look in the mirror.  

In my late 30s I decided that I didn’t want my body to be simply resided in, I wanted to LIVE in my body.  I wanted to do stuff, I wanted to experience stuff, I wanted to get my zest for life back, I wanted to live all in.  

I began the journey to re-finding me, taking care of my body, improving my health/fitness & wellness.  

Now, I am fitter, healthier, faster, have more endurance and have more stamina than I did when I was 25.  I have opened the doors to adventures and experiences that I would have never dreamed I was capable of.  I have grabbed life by the throat and now I live all in! 

I have no regrets, everything we do gets us to where we are today BUT what I don’t want is people to read posts on Social Media where they are told they only bring experience and wisdom to the table or that refer to them as being like old sports cars or fine wines and that encourage us to have humility & grace as we age and think that that is our lot when we hit 40.  It doesn’t have to be that way. 

I intend to continue to have a zest for life. 

I intend to continue to partake in life. 

I intend to bring my wisdom and experience to the table BUT also my zest, my energy and my sense of adventure too.  

I have wrinkles and grey hair and saggy skin BUT I’m not wrinkles & grey hair & saggy skin, that doesn’t define me and that’s not the most memorable part about me.  

I may be getting older but my intention is to do it living life, being engaged and doing the stuff that lights be up. 

Please don’t feel that you are ever “too” anything and you are certainly not too old to make a change, to make a decision and to re-engage with the things that you may have temporary left behind.  My health/wellness & fitness had been left behind but I was able to find it and reclaim it, that lead me to increased energy and the zest and energy that I had previously had.  

It doesn’t matter where on life’s timeline you are, you have stuff to navigate and everyone’s stuff is big stuff to them at that time.  

I wouldn’t change where I am right now for the world. 

rant over ~ thank you for listening.  I’d love you to dive into the comments and let me know, how many earth years have you experienced thus far? 

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