For various conversations I have had over the last few days there seems to be an increasing unrest amongst people.

I’ve had various conversations about;

➡️ the boredom of the newsfeed ~ everything feeling a bit samey and “so what?”

➡️ attention rants ~ people having little rants as it’s good for reach.

➡️ Copying ~ oh so boring on so many levels

There seems to be an unease amongst lots of people that something feels off and they can’t quite put their finger on what it is.

YES ~ Mercury is in retrograde and therefore stacks of communication stuff comes up BUT I’m not one for spiritual excuses and the side stepping of responsibility.

If you’re angsty for more than a moment then what will happen is that you will feel flat, demotivated and find things more difficult.

If you are feeling that your newsfeed is boring then it’s time to take control of it rather than be overwhelmed by it. Unfollow some pages that are “meh,” sort out your feed a little.  Here’s a little video showing you how….

Attention rants ~ I’m all for passionate injections into your social media, I’m all for challenging the stuff that doesn’t sit well with you and I’m all for voicing an opinion and letting people see alternative perspectives. If you have one bubbling up inside you then set it free. It can’t be the only inclusion in your marketing. If you feel like you’re seeing the same ranty posts from others over and over again and it doesn’t sit well with you then simply scroll on. You’ve got that ability and it mustn’t impact on your mood or your day.

Copying ~ NEVER COOL & VERY BORING. I’m not saying anymore on it. I’ve given enough time to the subject in the past. If you wanna know how to deal with being copied then shout up as I have some help and support on that. If you’re looking at other peoples stuff for your inspiration constantly and seek to emulate them then it’s time to STOP. You are pretty cool just as you are and there’s no need for your inspiration to come from external sources constantly. There’s a fine line between being inspired & asking “what’s my version of that” and simply doing what other people do.

BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE ~ it might not always please the algorithm and you don’t want to spend your whole life trying to win favour with a computer programme.

It’s time to be YOURSELF ~ share the stuff that’s important to you, make an impact in the ways that you want to, share your message, your voice and what you’re here to do. If you don’t know what that is yet then it’s time to grab a journal, write “what makes me tick” in the middle and brainstorm around that ~ see what comes up.

It’s time to STOP SEARCHING for the answers and the inspiration ~ unlock what’s already inside you. Again, writing down what makes you tick can help with this.

It’s time to MINIMISE THE IMPACT ON YOUR MOOD OF OTHERS ~ if you don’t like stuff, move on. Keep your eyes on your own stuff and the stuff that lifts you higher, inspires you and makes you show up in the best possible ways you can in this world.

DO STUFF THAT ISN’T BORING. Liven it up a little, turn up the volume, have fun.