I get it.

Everything doesn’t always work out as planned.

Sometimes it feels that no matter how hard you try things just ain’t working out, I’d even go so far as to say the harder you try the stucker you get.

It seems like everything is against you. 

Is this just not for you?

Are you choosing the wrong path?

Are you not cut out for this shit?

Why does everyone else seem to have all of their shit in order and I keep winging around in a great big circle of confusion??

What can you do to draw a halt to this juggernaut? What’s going to stop you propelling in the wrong direction or simply standing still in your own way?

Best case scenario in these circumstances are that you stay still, that you don’t move forwards but more importantly that you don’t hit reverse gear.  Worse case scenario is that you spiral down the vortex.  The spiral is easy to fall into.

So What’s Going On? 

  • Are you sat in your own way? Are you overanalysing everything? Looking for perfection? Waiting to have your ducks in line (and making sure that all of the Universal ducks are also lined up too? Overthinking?  Planning but taking no action?  Brainstorming but doing nothing with it?
  • Watching what everyone else is doing and beating yourself up and comparing your position to theirs?
  • Your self talk sinks?! You are forever critical and down on yourself.  You are afraid (you might not even be sure of what) but that fear feels real.  You are anxious – perhaps about money, perhaps about making it work, perhaps about nothing you can put your finger on.
  • You have lots of limiting beliefs.  You are no good at tech, you can’t do videos because you have a funny voice or don’t look right (or a recent one from one of my Rockstars – you ramble), you don’t have everything you need in order to make it a success, you can’t do the stuff that …………………………<< insert the name of whoever you are watching.
  • You’re not making any progress

If you are nodding on one or more of those then chances are you are on the cusp of the vortex and best case scenerio is stay where you are and worst case scenerio you’re gonna hit that vortex.

What Are We Going To Do About It? 


1. Accept What’s Your Stuff 

You can’t control what anyone else is doing.  You are not responsible for other peoples stuff.  You can’t judge your journey with anyone else’s’.  Everyone is different and your only responsibility is to take responsibility for your stuff. Stop watching what others are doing and beating yourself up about your progress << that ain’t your stuff.  You are only responsible for you (and any small children in your world!) Accept that you can’t change the behaviour of others and that it’s simply not your stuff.

2. Take That Responsibility 

You need to improve yourself talk quite dramatically.  You wouldn’t speak to anyone else in this way.  If you wouldn’t say it to a friend or peer then please don’t say it to yourself.

When people are subjected to constant criticism they become defeated, it tires your energy and it makes you question what the point even is.

Taking responsibility for taking care of yourself and speaking to yourself properly will pay dividends.

Self care and self approval ain’t lame, they are your responsibility.  It doesn’t need to be conventional self care stuff that you hear people share regularly on Social Media.  It can be your own version of self care BUT the self approval and the kicking to the curb of negative self talk is ESSENTIAL.  It’s a totes non-negotiable.

Make sure you’re not heading for burn out.  When you have been at the coal face for so long and you have become hyper critical of yourself that sh!t’s super tiring.  It’s like you have a tantruming toddler in your head ALL THE TIME.  Burn out sucks and you could have ended up there unintentionally.  You might not even recognise you are there but if you are then it’s REALLY important that you take a step back.  

3. A Pragmatic Approach Is A Good Idea 

I often speak to people who are worried about the money that’s coming in in their business or they are worried about their growth or the length of their to do list.  It sends them into overwhelm.  It leaves them stationary (not the variety that includes pretty notebooks & pens but the stood still type).

Worrying about the position you are in will not help you move out of that position.  It’s kinda like quick sand.  The longer the stand there the more you will sink!

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4. Question The Limiting Beliefs and Wobbles? 

  • Is it true?
  • Is it useful?
  • Is it simply keeping me small and trying to keep me safe?

When you write this stuff down and disarm it of it’s power then it’s easier to be objective with, it’s easier to see it for what it really is.

5.  You Have The Choice Of How To React 

The one thing you have control of in any given situation is the way you react to it.  Yup it can sometimes feel like your reactions are spontaneous pistons of reactivity but if you take your time and judge your re-actions you can regain control over them.  I shared a little story recently about my website.  It had gone down. **holds face in shock/horror & disaster** I had a pre-conditioned reaction that this should be super stressful.  It was a learned behaviour.  People were messaging me offering me their energy and support in this hard time.  Bollocks to that, in the scheme of life this ain’t a hard time.  It’s a bloomin website.  I know that you can’t access my awesome **sniggers** for a few hours BUT it’s nothing major.  Me panicking about the stability of my website WAS NOT GOING TO GET MY WEBSITE FIXED.  There was no point and no advantage to me panicking. So, I got onto my Rockstars Geek Tech Angels to get it sorted and sorted it was.  Without any blood pressure rises or exasperation on my part.

Even if we have learned behaviour we always have a choice of how we are going to react.  Choose wisely because this stuff really alters our mood.

6. Take Action 

Yup, there’s a place for planning, yup, there’s a place for brainstorm, yup there’s a place for note taking and brain dumping and analysis BUT without action you can get stuck in this stuff.

Make a promise to yourself to take action on some of the stuff in your notebooks this week.

Implement those plans.

Any movement is good movement and even a little stagger and a crawl forwards can gather momentum.

7. Embrace The To Do List

Lots of people are forever worrying about getting their to do list finished.  I don’t.  If I finish my to do list then my life and business have stagnated and stagnant don’t smell great.

Embrace the fact that having a growing and evolving to do list means that you are growing and evolving.

You don’t ever want to get to the end of that bad boy!

So often the biggest thing standing in your own way is you! Time to step aside lovely.

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