Do we fancy being accused of being full of vanity & ego?  I suppose that there are LOADS of negatives attached to these words.  There are occasions when vanity and ego work in our favour BUT there are other occasions where it can be our worst enemy.

Vanity & Ego could be a blog about LOADS of parts of our business BUT what am I talking about here specifically?

I’m talking Social Media Followers!

We can so often fall into the trap of thinking MORE is BETTER or that we can’t have less than……………………………(insert the name of whoever it is that gets you a little angsty).

BUT, even Facebook are saying that LIKES should not your main objective once you have a critical mass of followers, weird eh?!  My Facebook Account Manager said to me that Facebook are not actively encouraging you to collect meaningless likes willy nilly. Now it starts to make a bit more sense.

Is a LIKE worthless?

It is if it’s from someone who has no interest in your business.  It’s completely worthless AND whether you have paid for that like or not it’s not going to be bringing ANYTHING to the party.

If you are looking to bring together a community of fans on your Social Media Platforms (and this is about any Social Media Platform) then the aim is to be introducing the right people to your business.

  • It’s not about numbers.
  • It’s not about having more likes that so & so.
  • It’s not about craving more people to “like” your platform.

Likes are worthless if they are not from the right people and chasing likes leaves you in a vanity game.

So, why do people do it?

Because, back in the day, once upon a time (not all that very long ago) Facebook Pages were much easier to build.  Likes where easy to collect.  I could get likes ad functioning at 1-2p per like.  Pages could grow fast, organic reach was massive (in comparison to what it is now).  Lots of people grew truly epic pages.  If you weren’t doing what you do now back in the day then chances are that you have found it a little more difficult to get visibility to your page.

I know that lots of people look up to those pages that have been around a while in envy.  The green eyed monster is firmly in place and you start to think about how that person has an unfair advantage over you because they have more likes and therefore more people see what they post.


You have no idea;

  • If that person has the right likes
  • If they are able to convert those likes into leads
  • If they are converting those likers into purchasers

AND, do you know what?  It’s not of your bloomin business!

What You Need To Be Doing…


It’s ok to collect likes and to look at running likes campaigns (Facebook Ads) until you have reached a critical mass of likers.  My Facebook Ad Manager suggested that between 750-1,000 is the point where your page has increased credibility in the eyes of others and that it has an established look and feel.


Make sure you are sharing good quality content that your fans LOVE.  This will mean that your fans will engage and interact with you, your posts will show up to their friends (and if birds of a feather flock together) therefore more eyes will see your stuff.  When you focus on the content then you are showcasing your work, people are reading your stuff and getting to know you, there is a deeper level of connection.


Work on getting more people over to your website, let them feast on your content and get their eyes on your freebies AND then you can be super duper techie and re-target them with other ads to encourage them deeper into your crowd. If you think that I have just spoken in some weird cling-on type language then let me explain a little more.  Re-targeting is a super duper techie way of you stalking (in a nice way) your fans around the internet.  I’m sure you have experienced it before… are dreamily looking at some lovely new boots, oooohhhh my, they are divine (ssssshhhh, don’t tell anyone, it was just a quick look) and then BOOM!!! those there boots are all over your Facebook newsfeed.  The boots are following you, gosh >> it must be the Universe telling me to buy the lovely boots (I am still telling myself this even though I know better) BUT it isn’t I’m afraid, it’s re-targeting marketing.  You can target people who have visited your website as a whole, you can target people who have visited a specific page of your website, you can target people who have visited one page BUT not another, you can re-target people who have visited multiple pages (perhaps about the same topic) – CLEVER eh!!


You want to become a place where your fans come to find out more information, they come because they know that it’s the right place for them, they know they will be able to find the answer.

  • Be consistent & persistent in your Social Media Strategy,
  • Spend money in the right places,
  • Give away MORE than feels comfortable,
  • ALWAYS talk to your fans in your copy
  • BE a true resource
  • ASK them question and get them to talk to you
  • BUILD relationships and nurture those relationships
  • BE yourself
  • COME from a place of giving

Social Media isn’t dead, you can still get in front of the right people BUT you just need to put YOUR strategy together and not blindly follow the things that you ought to do!