Can you hear the birdie?

Tweet, tweet, tweet!

We are not talking Twitter here, but we are talking about EARLY BIRD prices during your launch and why it makes sense to include Early Bird discounts when you are launching.

Many people are anxious about including Early Bird discounts and it almost makes them feel like they are ripping off the people who are paying full price for the product or service once the price is increased but that really isn’t the case. I have had experience of people being disappointed that they did not get the Early Bird discount BUT you have to appreciate that some people will be miffed that they missed out, that’s the way it is.  I am sure you have been and bought something in the past and then it’s been discounted the next time you hit the shop OR you have seen discounted products in the supermarket because they are rewarding you for that quick sale as they have a short date ~ it’s your decision at that point as to whether you act or not.

An Early Bird offer is designed to reward the action takers, those who aren’t sitting on the fence.  It’s a perfect example of “urgency & scarcity” at work.  

An Early Bird discount is fabulous because:-

  1. It will create an early buzz about your product
  2. It will make your loyal fans feel rewarded as they are the ones who are following you and likely to see the discount first
  3. It stops everyone waiting until the last minute to book up
  4. It allows you to get the cash flowing quicker in your launch
  5. It means that those who take advantage of the Early Bird discount feel that they received an absolutely stonking bargain.

So, lovely, tweet tweet, make sure you consider adding an early bird discount to your next launch and see the cash come in quicker & make more money!