When my little people were a little smaller we loved to go to the park to feed the ducks.  Girl Child Rockstar particularly loved being able to get the ducks to follow her with a little trail of bread that she would strategically place, all about an equal distance apart and all about the same size.  She’d walk and tear the bread and drop it on the floor.

Why Am I Telling You This?? 

Well, I was talking to a client today and the ducks analogy was the first to come to me.  We were talking about sales messages and I reiterated how important it was to ensure that the message you had about something you have for sale needs to be a complete message every time you share it.

Otherwise the path of bread may be incomplete. 

If we are REALLY offering our crowd an opportunity to work with us then we will be sharing our sales message in may different places.  We may spend time crafting an amazing sales page (if you aren’t sure how fantastic your sales pages are or it feels like pulling teeth to produce one then you might want to grab the sales page checklists >>click here<<).  You might then pop off and prepare a newsletter to your wonderful email subscribers.  You might share the information on Social Media.  It’s important that you consider the bread trail in all these circumstances.  If you miss out a piece of the bread (message) then you might just miss out on that sale.  That particular piece of information may have been the difference between someone buying and someone remaining on the fence.

I know that I often see people wasting marketing opportunities by just saying something along the lines of LOOK – you could buy this!! That’s simply throwing one piece of bread, why not start to bring together your own trail.

  • Who is it for? 
  • What difference is it going to make to their world? 
  • What’s in it for them? 

When you are looking at crafting any sales messages it’s important that you are; 

  • Writing all of your copy directly to the right people – the people that are most likely to buy.  Don’t hedge your bets and try to appeal to everyone here.  Who is your product best suited to?  I’m not asking for specificity here, I’m asking for commonality – what are their common problems and dilemmas, what are their common goals? Write all of your messages to appeal to these people. 
  • Make it easy for your client’s to buy.  This includes linking them to the ability to pay (not get caught up in the fact that a url will effect your reach on Social Media – no url will result in no buyers), don’t have a complicated process for them to purchase (take a look at your payment systems and check that it’s simple and easy) AND make sure you aren’t a risky prospect to your crowd (add in some frequently asked questions, an ability to contact you and social proof/testimonials to prove that it’s not just you saying your stuff is awesome). 
  • Make sure your sales page is easy to read – break up length text with headings and imagery.  It’s not cool to make people’s eyes bleed. 
  • Grab the checklists for some more ideas >>click here<< 

Make sure your bread is in line and then go out there and market the pants off it, even with all the bread in the line the ducks need to know that the bread is there 😉