Newsletters seem to make people’s bum clench.  The thought of sending out the newsletter, the potential for the unsubscribes, the worry of getting it wrong results in lots of people ignoring their email list (or even not building one in the first place). 

I wanna start with this one; 

Newsletters are just another form of communication with your audience. 

What’s that mean?  They are absolutely NO DIFFERENT to your social media posts.  Newsletters are simply another way of communicating with your crowd, the inner circle of your crowd if you will ~ those who have ASKED (yup, popped their hand up & requested) to hear from you.  Let’s add to that that newsletters are on your terms, you have a greater control over your email list than you do over Social Media posts and you are able to dive into someones inbox sanctuary (that’s quite a privilege). 

Once upon a time we were super keen to give out our email addresses if it meant that we did not have to give people our telephone numbers.  Now?  We are much more cagey about it and when people have popped their email address into your sign up form then take that as an investment into you. 

If you don’t send newsletters then you are stealing from those who WANT to hear from you.  

Let’s look at what we need to do to make sure our newsletters are corkers. 

Eeeeekkkkk, What Do I Write? 

Don’t change a thing! 

The people on your email list signed up because of your social media posts and/or the words on your website.  

Don’t clench or see your newsletter as anything any different to the other communication that you put out there.  

Keep your tone and language the same ~ this provides consistency and reassurance to people.  Drop the thoughts that this needs to be in any way different to what you’re already putting out there into the world. 

No, I Mean REALLY ~ What Do I Write?

My view is that you make sure you are writing your newsletter to one client.  As you sit and type it up, think about sending it to one person in your audience, have a conversation with them.  Make it chatty. 

If you want to think about somethings you could include here’s a little list to think about; 

🌟 Opener ~ I open my newsletters as “Hey Lovely” YES lots of the systems allow you to merge in people’s forenames BUT this can often be tricky as they are sometimes left blank, some people pop their email address in and sometimes there’s a typo (not your fault) but I feel it can lead to a little off in the alignment of the correspondence.  

🌟 An introduction ~ say hi, round up some stuff you’ve been up to, ask how they are! Chatty, like you were meeting for a brew and catching up. 

🌟 You can do a round up of some of the stuff you’ve been sharing on social ~ remember, not everyone sees everything you pop out there on social media and will be grateful to grab it in their inbox. 

🌟 Key dates ~ if there anything your crowd needs to pop in their diary/know about 

🌟Top tips ~ can you pop together a little top tips list to support them/motivate them/inspire them/move them forwards 

🌟 Direct them to new content ~ whether it be a blog or a podcast or a video ~ let them know it’s there and ready for them to get involved with 

🌟Invite them to hit “reply.”  People often think that they can’t reply to your emails but it’s a corker of a way to open up a more personal conversation with people.  

🌟What’s available to buy ~ NOPE, you shouldn’t just be sell, sell, selling (although you can more so if you’re a product based business) BUT people DO want to know what they can buy from you.  

🌟Keep it light and fun ~ people will look forward to receiving your emails if they feel good after reading them.  The Maya Angelou quote goes “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 

So, What Makes A Shit One?

➜  One that is unsent

➜  One that is boring and just going through the motions because you think you should

➜  One that preaches rather than opens up paths of communication

➜  One that feels insincere

Notice that I didn’t add in there ➜ one that’s salesy.  Why?  Because sales emails do have a place in your email communication with your crowd and shouldn’t be avoided or ignored.  People want to know what’s available for them to get their hands on.

I’d love to know your thoughts/resistances to newsletters and email marketing ~ as well as your likes and dislikes to the stuff that falls into your inbox (because that can teach you stacks).  Dive into the comments and lets carry on the convo….

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