Guest blog from the lovely Clare Cogan helping us the take everything in our stride over Christmas

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle!

It is that time of year as a business owner where it all starts to go a bit crazy! Add being a mum into the mix and add ingredients such as nativity plays, Christmas Parties, Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas Disco and Christmas fatigue can set in before it has all even started!

So, as ‘mums on the run’ trying to juggle everything which we have, and need to do at this busy time of year, how do we stop getting overwhelmed so that it becomes a test of endurance rather than a lot of ‘festive fun’?

Write everything down!

I know this may sound simple and like I am stating the obvious but my mantra is, if it doesn’t go in the diary, it doesn’t happen.  If I try and hold something in my head I WILL forget. As I run my own business and my evening appointments are often at a premium, there is often the risk of a clash which lends me to trying to get one child from A to B whilst be back in time to support my clients, who are also finding this time of year extremely stressful too!

Newsflash – you don’t have to do everything

There are lots of expectations placed on us at this time of year, social and practical. School fundraising in the guise of bazaars and non-uniform days and your own social invitations too.  There is the temptation to cram everything in to make sure everyone is seen and at the same time making sure the children get to attend every Christmas activity going, Christmas is for the children, right?

This year my boys are not going to the school Christmas Disco even though ‘all their friends’ are going (even though I know they are not).  The reason being is tiredness. It is only 3rd December as I write this and they are already dragging their feet and looking a bit like zombies.  I know, from bitter experience that if I push and push so that they can fit EVERYTHING in they simply will not enjoy it and I will be dealing with over tired, over sugared, overwhelmed children which does not make for a happy household!  In sitting down and talking through this decision with them I believe I am showing them that making choices is important, and that you will enjoy what you do more if you choose what you really want to do.

This also goes for you too. Do you have to go to every single Christmas party/occasion/get together you are invited too?  A lot of people often feel a bit ‘bah humbug’ if they say no to anything, but then end up on their knees with exhaustion trying to fit it all in. One year I did just that and ended up in bed all over Christmas with flu, not the gift I was expecting.  Release the pressure by suggesting a meet up in January when we all need a bit of a ‘pick me up’.

Break some tasks down so they don’t become the ‘big thing’ which you end up avoiding

I was chatting to one of my clients the other evening who is in the thick of running her business which peaks around now as well as caring for 2 small children.  She said that what was making the biggest difference for her was asking her husband to do bath time and taking that opportunity to wrap 2 or 3 Christmas presents each evening. She said that she is amazed how quickly they are getting done, without having to resort to devoting hours to wrap the whole mountain of presents which would just be too big to contemplate and she would end up trying to avoid.  This may be a job which you enjoy doing, but if there is something which needs to be done and you are avoiding it consciously, or unconsciously, how could you break it down to make it more manageable?

And finally

Have a good time, do the things you want to do, with the people you want to be with. Remember that when you are happy, relaxed and calm, then your children will be too, and these memories last a lifetime.


Clare Cogan is committed to supporting ‘mums on the run’ to find some balance in their lives. Giving them the tools to be calm and in control so they can be the best mum they want to be for their children.  Find out more about her support >>>HERE<<<  or take a look at her website >>>HERE<<<