Are you any good at expressing what you do?  I don’t mean on the surface level of what you do BUT what you REALLY do.  

So for example it’s really easy to say “well I’m a marketing expert” or “business coach” or a “life coach” but what does that really mean?  How does that anchor in the extent, depth and impact of your work? 

We often don’t take the time to unpick what it is we do and the real truth of the impact of our work.  We help, we sell products or services, we are “just doing our thing.”  We kinda know what it is we do but don’t articulate the truth of our work not are we always able to communicate and pass forth the baton of passion (eeekkk that sounds rude doesn’t it) of it’s entirety.  

So Let’s Dive A Little Deeper

The starting point has to be YOU being super clear on what you do.  BUT it’s not always exactly what we think it is (way to go to make it start with a little bit of a pretzelling of the brain there Holmesy).

What do I mean?

Well, write down what it is that you think you do.  I’m not talking surface level here but I want you to explore the skills you bring to the table.  I want you to explore your personality traits, style and vibe as well as the actual, perhaps more tangible feeling, elements of your work.

So if we took the business coach for example, the delivery of “I’m a business coach” doesn’t really create that anchoring of understanding, knowledge and connection.

So what’s your skill set?

  • Identifying the key elements of other people’s businesses
  • An objective assessment of where the business might be leaving cash on the table and why.
  • The ability to drill into the possibility & potential for that business
  • The strategic plan to develop the business and profitability.
  • The communication strategy for that business.
  • The ability to break down the strategic plan into implementable steps
  • Sales strategy
  • Business longevity planning
  • Website enhancement
  • Customer journeys
  • Marketing plans
  • Social Media strategy

Yup, that list could go on and on and probably wouldn’t really differ that much from stacks of other business coaches.

BUT then we can look at key skills next;

  1. A gift for writing engaging copy that converts
  2. The ability to see what’s getting in the way of that business intuitively
  3. Being able to bring out the best in the business owner you’re working with based on their personality, learning styles, capacity and ability to implement.
  4. Keeping up to date with the evolution of the online space, what’s working right now and how to use that within each business in a bespoke and unique way.
  5. Creative input
  6. A knowledge and understanding of the space the client is operating within and their target market
  7. Presenting things in a way that converts and connects.

Again, the list could go on.

The we look at your style, vibe and personality traits.

Ask yourself the questions;

What’s it like to work with me?

How do I approach my work?

What vibe to I bring to the work that I do?

Now, chances are that you haven’t been wholly honest on this personal assessment.  I’m guessing you’ll have been a whole heap of modest with a side order of overthinking and a stack of chitter chatter about whether or not you’re really an expert in that area and “doesn’t everyone know that/how to do that anyway.”

AND it’s for that reason that we need to do the next little bit.  Ask some peers, clients or your crowd what you bring to the party as far as they are concerned and also ask them to give you 5 words that they feel describe you.  That’ll give you a whole heap more clarity on what you do and your impact on others.

ALSO take a little flick through your clients feedback/testimonials for another layer of gold.

Now you have a deeper understanding of what you do it’s time for the next level…

How To Communicate With Your Audience

We now need to think about communication and there’s some key points to remember here; 

It’s not about YOU it’s about THEM. 

Now I know that it’s important that people get to know you and that we consider the know, like & trust factor within our business as people buy from people.  People need to trust you (and themselves) before they can make a purchase.  BUT we need to make sure we are considering what’s in it for them and the outcomes that they seek to achieve.  

Relevance = Resonance 

Your content and communications need to be relevant to your audience.  They need to be able to see themselves and their struggles, their angsts and their dreams within your work.  They need to hear you communicating that you “get” them so that they can get you.  Remember the few little points; 

➡️  What’s the niggle – what are they stuck with?  What’s the root of the problem that needs resolving and how is it resonating in their world (what are the symptoms)? 

➡️What’s the dream – where do they want to be?  What’s the outcome? 

➡️ What’s the resistance – why are they not making progress right now? AND what might be stopping them from reaching out for the solution. 

Each Piece Of Content Stands Solo 

People don’t see everything you put out there.  Each piece of content could be the first thing that someone has ever seen from you.  Each piece of content needs to be able to stand alone.  

Stop Being Fluffy

The biggest mistake people make in their messaging out to their crowd is that the relevance is lost because the content is wooly.  Things like “do you want to change your life” doesn’t have the same impact as “these 5 things will create this (insert your own) outcome” and whilst the content can be exactly the same but you’ve been more direct with the languaging that allows that relevance to your audience.  

Catch Their Eye 

Make sure you’re content is standing out.  It might be the use of imagery or the use of emojis, it might be an ace headline or the call to action and you asking your crowd to do something specific.  Again this makes it much easier for your crowd to consume, you’re likely to gain more of their eye with your work ~ you can’t resonate with your crowd if they simply don’t stop by to have a look.  

I hope this has been super useful to give you a little more clarity.  Hop into the comments box and let me know whether you feel super clear, whether this is something you’d like me to go deeper with or if you have any questions…..

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