I know that lots of people will to & fro on this one – is e-marketing dead? Absolutely not!

All depends on who you listen to BUT for me e-marketing is still super duper important in your marketing and a perfect way for you to serve your crowd via a different medium, access them on your terms – whenever you want to and it’s a a way of gathering your crowd that’s within your control to a greater extent.

It stays within your control – what exactly does that mean?

In your control means that you can decide when you drop into their inbox. You have no control over whether or not you are showing up in their social media newsfeed, that’s up to the platform itself and the algorithm they use in order to decide who to serve your posts up to.

It’s in your control in so far as you aren’t at the mercy of the platform. As long as you comply with Data Protection you can download your mailing list.

You could wake up one day and your social media page be gone. Isn’t that scare mongering? No, I’ve seen it happen. I’ve seen people go to bed with a few thousand Facebook fans and wake up the next day without a page. What happen? It was closed down. It was closed down by the platform without their knowledge. On one occasion the page owner was told that it was apparently for a breach of trademark which they had absolutely no idea about and would have dealt with if it had been brought to their attention. If you wake up one day and one of your social media platforms was gone – what would you do? Well, if you had at least a list then you could get started again.

You can take the service of your crowd to another level if you have a list of subscribers. These people have invested their email address in you and you will be able to serve the pants off them as your subscriber list – offer them more help and support and really look after them.

It is also most commonly the case that people convert more of their email subscribers into purchasers than they do fans on their social media platforms. Having an email list to whom you can offer opportunities to purchase your products means that you will be able to nurture more potential purchasers and achieve a better profit base.

I don’t believe that it’s an at all costs kinda strategy.  My advice wouldn’t be that you invest your list and neglect all other mediums where you can create and enhance relationships with your crowd.  I believe that your list is part of the picture and not the whole picture.  Yes, my email subscriber list do receive some fab, bespoke content from me on a weekly basis but that doesn’t mean that I neglect my Facebook Page and interacting with my crowd there or my Instagram followers – as I say, it’s part of the picture and not the whole picture!

So, how do you get started?

You will need to use e-newsletter software so that you are complying with Data Protection/Direct Marketing legislation.

You need to make sure that your list is permission based (which means that people have to opt in to be part of it)

People must be able to unsubscribe (this will be dealt with by an e-marketing package).

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