Building a business is hard work (sorry if that burst your bubble amongst the talk of working o.2 secs per week and making a gazillion pounds), it’s not the easy option by any stretch of the imagination ~ even when you’re super duper passionate about what you do BUT here’s the thing, it’s the BEST THING you’ll do, seriously rewarding and generally incredibly amazing (when you get it right).

Huge long sentence to start this  blog.  There’s kinda a lot to cover on this one.

First A Question…

The first thing I want you to do is ask yourself the question really honestly ~ do I love my business right now?  If you don’t I want you to stop for a moment and take stock.  If you grow a business that you don’t love then you are going to grow an even bigger version of the beast which feels uncomfortable right now.

All About The Money?

I’m in the camp that strongly believes that you gotta love what you do, the sheer essence of the business you are building needs to mean something to you.  If you don’t love what you’re doing then you are simply going through the motions and building a business purely to make money and money is a fickle motivator.

Money is fabulous, it’s awesome, it can open the door to freedom and opportunities, it’s a necessity to first world survival.

It’s an attention grabber.

Wealth & status is used to sell things.

It’s the point of business – my kids will even tell you that the point of having a business is to make money BUT that’s not a full story now is it!



The money is a super important element BUT;

💖 it doesn’t have to be the primary focus

💖you don’t have to earn six figures to deem yourself or your business a success

💖it doesn’t have to be chased or hustled for

💖 you don’t have to sell your soul in order to get by

EQUALLY – money isn’t icky and you should NEVER shy away from the quest to make money in your business – it’s such an important part of your business. It’s not wrong to want to make money. It’s not “un-spiritual” to not make money. Money is energy and it’s a form of fair exchange.

This is about connecting in with your mission, your message, your crowd, doing your thing, showing people how you can help and support them and going out there and offering opportunities to the right people whilst simultaneously serving the pants off your crowd.

Love My Genre But Growing A Beast

Lots of people love that thing that they do and that they are building a business on ~ that skill, that talent, that interests.

Some people will play small and resist growing a business around it because they are scared of taking something they love and turning it into something they hate ~ I’ve written a little article of this one before >>take a little click here to read in<<

Equally, some people set off on the path to growing a business from their loves and passions and get a little lost.  The business building element of it feels hard (we will talk a little more about that in a mo) and they take all sorts of advice and input and their business is barely recognisable.

You can build your business your own way and it’s important that if you have headed down a path that doesn’t feel right (for whatever reason) then you stop and take stock.  Are you heading the right way?  Do you need to tweak the way you do things?  Is it time for a bit of a shake up and a change?

The Business Bit Sucks

I know this one comes up an awful lot.  That feeling that you are ace at what you do but absolute pants at the business element of it.  You tell yourself you’re not “business-ey” or that you’ll never get your head around the tech or the marketing.

Let’s strip it back to it’s essence.

What does being businessey mean to you?  When you say that, what comes up?  Write it down and see what’s at the bottom to your resistance to business.  People aren’t born businessey, they are developed skills and it takes a whole host of personal attributes, determination and commitment to build a business.

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to building a business and that’s why I take business principles and invite you to explore the ways that they may work for you/what your version of that particular strategy/principle looks like.

Tech ~ I was a tech novice when I started out in business.  Tech is frustrating for lots of business owners.  If you’re not flowing your way through the tech tasks right now then please don’t label yourself a fail because it’s not the case.  You’ll learn this stuff as you go.  Tech is usually a series of steps.  Don’t show it fear, take your time and work through it.

Marketing ~ it’s just communication at the root of it.  It’s about talking, interacting and communicating with your crowd.  Don’t be scared of it.  Think of it as conversations rather than marketing.

How To Re-Align With The Love For Your Business

Be honest ~ if you’ve truly fallen into something you actually HATE then it’s time to get honest with yourself.  Spend some time journalling through it in order to get the bottom of it.  If you could do anything in the whole wide world what would it be?  If you were to enjoy everyday of your working life what would that look like?  Be truthful with yourself now and either know that this business IS what you wanna do, that it’s a stop gap to something else or it need binning asap.

What do you love about your business?  What elements are fabulous?  Step into doing these first.  It’s important that your pleasure comes back.  Going through the motions and things feeling constantly hard are going to stunt your business growth massively.

Know that we all have to do some tasks in our business that aren’t our favourites.

Outsource some of the shit you don’t like as soon as you are able to.

Why Being In Love With Your Business Is Important

Your business should excite you and light you up.

You need to be able to self motivate in business so if you hate what you do then that’s super difficult.

Passion and excitment is contagious ~ if you’re feeling it then it’ll be easier to attract people around you who are interested in what you do too.

Life’s too short to do stuff all day every day that makes you feel bad.

Building a business isn’t the easy option, you’ll go through a massive amount of personal development and evolution as a business owner ~ you wanna be doing it for the right reasons.

Money is a fickle motivator.

It’s time to love your business hard.  If you are struggling with this one then please do pop into the comments and lets see if we can uncork that love.