A question I get asked increasingly is about whether everything that you do in your business needs to be super polished.

People look towards a breed of Coaches who have a beautiful tan, a gorgeous figure, shining white teeth and every video is recorded by a videographer, edited to perfection and oh so slick.  That’s absolutely fine.  There is a place for that and watching a lovely video is great BUT do your videos have to be like that?

Do you have to have everything UBER polished in your business?

It’s obviously a matter of opinion.

For me, the content you share is much more important than the way that you look and how massively edited your videos are.  I do do some work with a videographer and some of my videos are edited, but not many.

My aim within my business is to be approachable, to ALWAYS be me and to share my zone of genius with as many lovely Rockstars as possible. Nowhere in that brief is being unattainable or egotistical or highly polished.

When you put these restrictions on yourself then what ends up happening is that you can’t get stuff done.  You have to wait until you have your face on and your hair, nails and make up done before you can share anything with the world.  You have put a barrier in your own way.

At one point I put this exact barrier in my own way when I was podcasting.  What I did was that I wouldn’t record a podcast unless I could record a face to camera video at the same time.  So that meant that my hair had to be done and my make up applied.  The result?  I procrastinated about podcasting instead of just getting on and getting them recorded.  This meant that podcasting became an issue, I couldn’t just record them when the lesson or subject came to me.  I wasn’t enjoying podcasting because I felt that it needed to be more polished.

Now?  I have completely got over it and I will record the audio for my podcast as audio, that’s fine.  It initially meant that my 5 day per week podcast doesn’t need to be such a big issue, it doesn’t need to bottleneck my creativity, it means that I can just crack on and share my message with the world.

I would much rather that you shared your zone of genius with the world, in the format that suits you best, allowing your personality to shine and also giving you the opportunity to help more people than to bottle it up inside waiting for that perfect day, when you look the best you possibly can, when you have lost 10lbs or have visited the beautician (obviously you can take advantage of these times too).

Your crowd want to connect with you, the real you.  They are looking to you to help and inspire them.

Polished isn’t necessarily perfection but done and helping people is!