I get asked an awful lot about whether or not adding Discovery Calls to your offering will bring you more clients and whilst I am totally in love with connecting to my audience and spending time with them there’s a number of things that you need to consider before going off and adding them to your offering.  It’s also a prudent one to take a look through if you have them on your website and social media but feel like you aren’t getting enough bookings or making enough impact with them.

Lots of People Are Frightened Of Booking Discovery Calls

Why?  Because they have either had past experience of badly done discovery calls OR they are worried that you don’t get something for nothing and there must be a catch.

Let’s look at the reports I regularly get from my Rockstars;

So the most regular thoughts I get from Rockstars around being subjected (and I use that word because it’s how a LOT of them feel at the other end) to discovery calls is this;

No Help 

They have given up lots of time in their diary and received nothing in return. They feel that they would get some takeaways from the call to implement BUT they get NOTHING! It’s ok to not give away loads in free stuff if that’s your attitude but it can leave people feeling cheated.

Pushy Selling 

That the whole aim of the game is conversion – of course it is right BUT they feel that this is the only purpose.  Pressured selling seems to often be the tactic.  They feel bullied in some cases.

I’ve heard stories of people being told that they simply won’t make anything of their life if they aren’t prepared to make this purchase, that they aren’t valuing themselves and that they will never be a success – oh please!!

I’m not a fan of pushing selling tactics, force a sale and end up with a client who will potentially regret their purchase REALLY quickly.

Don’t bully people into buying from you – IT’S MEAN. 

Don’t make people feel negatively about themselves, their businesses or anything that they have going on in order to secure the sale – IT’S MEAN. 

Don’t be so egotistical to think that you are the only option to “save” this client and that they will be nothing without you – IT’S MEAN 

Not Even Being Told What They Are Buying 

Oh my days!

Lots of people have told me that they have been pushed down the funnel into Discovery Calls and been subjected to the big sell BUT have had no real idea on what it is that’s actually for sale.  What am I getting for this investment? – flakey responses at best in some cases.

If you are looking for someone to invest in you and your programme/package or however you are dressing it then please be clear on the offer.

What Could Go Wrong With Discovery Calls? 

If you are thinking about including discovery calls into your business then check these common pitfalls that can occur.

You Give Away It All 

It’s a BIG temptation to prove you know your stuff and you can end up giving away stacks of what you know.  Not only is that going to result in the prospective client going away and needing to implement all that you have taught them in that time BUT it can also lead to overwhelmed leads.  So we saw above that not giving anything makes people feel cheated BUT giving everything can lead to you cheating yourself.

The Time Investment 

If you fill you diary full of free discovery calls then you can end up in a position of being VERY VERY busy and not valuing your own time.  It might be that you get behind on your client work (those who are paying you) or other tasks within your business.  COUPLE THAT WITH the fact that lots of my Rockstars dislike the call with the “Team” if they think they are investing in a particular person then you can end up in a bit of a sticky one.  You need to make sure that you don’t drench your diary in Discovery Calls which will have the knock on effect of you being too busy in your business and dropping the ball.

Attracting The Wrong People 

Often free stuff offers people who are simply seeking free stuff.

So, Are Discovery Calls A Good Idea? 

It depends on how you dress them and how you deliver them.

I think that LOTS of people are becoming resistant to words “Discovery Call” and are really reluctant to book them in. I know that lots of people recomend them and they have built big businesses using them so surely they do have their place?

I would always say that delivering the icky type of Discovery Calls that include bullying tactics and the hard sell is NEVER ok.  I’m not an advocate of any mean selling tactics and wouldn’t partake in any.  It’s always the client’s call as to who they work with, I’m never going to push or even actively encourage the sale – if I’m right for you then we’ll work together.  Yup, I’ll jump on the phone for you to reassure yourself that this is the right purchase for you but I’ll do that in a very organic way and allow you to ask any questions and address any fears you have.  I’m not going to recomend you work with me.  Why?  Because you’ll know if it’s right.

I don’t actively offer Discovery Calls – why?  Because my time is precious.  I value my time and I value the investment that my clients have made in me to have time with me.

So what can you do? 

  • Offer people the opportunity to “jump on the line for a chat” – that already seems less scary doesn’t it!
  • Don’t overwhelm people on these calls.  This can include you giving TOO MUCH information/advice or offering too many different options of how they can work with you.  A confused and overwhelmed mind simply won’t buy.
  • Secure yourself in the knowledge that the right people will want to work with you.
  • Don’t go for the pushy sell – a purchaser who has been pushed will always feel a little bit uncomfortable.
  • Nurture relationships with your fans and the 1-2-1 work will follow – the majority of my 1-2-1 places are taken by people who have worked with me on group programmes.  I have never marketed my 1-2-1 work because the places fill without the need to do so.  PLUS you must remember that you can only do so much 1-2-1 work because there’s a limit on the time and energy you have available for this type of work.  Overload your diary with 1-2-1 work and you run the risk of burnout.
  • Value your time and don’t overwhelm yourself – remember that your time is so precious.

Discovery calls can be A M A Z I N G if done the right way.  Think soulfully, think heart centred, think genuine.

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