There’s plenty of people in this world who will come down from the mountains, self proclaimed “gurus” or “leaders” who have an air of superiority flashing over them.  These are the people who will try to make you feel a little bit rubbish about every decision you’ve ever made.  Those who call you out and make you feel like a bit of a fail.

Unfortunately, this seems to have been an important selling tactic for lots of people and it’s part of what’s infiltrated the Personal Development world to a greater extent.

I had a conversation recently about the fact that lots of people within the personal development space simply keep people stuck.  The intention is that they provide a short, sharp hit of motivation or inspiration – like an injection of narcotics – and then step away.  Leaving people needing more and more from them.

There’s also this element of shaming people into purchasing from them.  I’ve heard it myself.  I’ve been called out by certain “gurus” to say that if I wasn’t prepared to invest in their particular programme (costing thousands) then I would NEVER make a success of my business.  Quite frankly that’s absolute bollocks.

The digital age brings us many opportunities and freedoms.  It brings us masses of choice, help & assistance BUT equally it means that we have to show higher levels of intuition and discernment when it comes to accessing help and support.

The sad thing is that it’s easy to look credible now.

BUT the good thing is that you are still in control.

Your ability to peel back the layers of what you see out there is the world and trust your intuition to guide you.  Don’t be blinded by grandiose claims, don’t be seduced by #1 secrets and don’t let the “fear of missing out” tempt you into any purchase.

Get a feel for the person you are reaching out to.

Look at the testimonials and feedback that that person has received.

Helicopter over their business for a little while and see whether or not they are the right person for you.

If people are telling you that there’s only one way of going about things and they will absolutely force you down a specific path then that’s probably not in your best interests in the long run.  Guiding you and supporting YOU to make good decisions for YOUR business is.

My philosophy here is that I am going to open a window to let you see a different view on something, I am going to get you to see what you knew all along and I am going to guide you with the knowledge and experience that I have gleaned.  I will not simply share with you advice about things that worked in past but we will look at what is working right now and how you can bring that into your world.

How does that look for you?

How can you implement some of these business strategies so that it feels right to you?

I think that the moral of this story is;

  • Don’t be bullied by gurus
  • Don’t take advice from people who haven’t been where you want to go
  • Use your discernment and intuition
  • Check them out
  • There’s no one big secret
  • There’s isn’t one path to take to the destination that you’ve booked tickets for

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