It’s ALMOST 12 Months since I started working with Karen.  Karen was stuck.  She is passionate about helping holiday home owners to get the best possible income from their assets and teach them how to get the bookings rolling in.

When I started working with Karen she was stuck, she had stagnated and she was worried that her niche wouldn’t ever allow her to make a living from her passion.  She was worried that she had pigeon holed herself so tightly that this simply wasn’t a viable business.  Growth was difficult for her and she’d simply ground to a halt. 

Fast forward 12 months, month on month Karen has seen growth in her list, her income, her platform and her assets.  She has brought together some fantastic collaborations to provide her with great exposure and managed to get in front of the holiday home owners that need her help.

She is now serving the pants off her crowd and by leading with lots of value she is skyrocketing herself into being that go to person for all those people who want to make more money from their holiday home rentals.

So the morals of Karen’s story;

  • Your niche isn’t too tight – you kinda just need to find ways to embrace it and get in front of the right people. 
  • When you are feeling like you are yelling down a dark hole you need to stop and assess the situation, get any help that you need and work on being visible in your sector. 
  • Serving the pants off your crowd is always a winner. 

Karen now has visibility strategies in place, she’s not afraid to hop onto Facebook Live and serve her crowd, she is thinking about specific ways she can serve the pants of them and as a blissful by-product is building her business and helping more holiday home owners.

Karen has also fallen head of heels back in love with her business “I have excited butterflies in my tummy every day now when I sit down to work. They sure weren’t there a year ago!”

You can check Karen’s Facebook page out here >>click here<<