Ever have days when the day to day rind simply seems to just leave you feeling numb.  You’ve passed by the whole “there must be more to life than this” and seem to have sat in the acceptance that this is what it’s all about.

A little grim?

Particular if you are in the dark, colder seasons of the year.  You’ve even lost the mojo to think about that villa in the sunshine which used to form part of your dreams and your dreams are simply something that used to be part of your psyche.

You watch people who are laughing and seem full of fun and energy – there’s a tinge of envy that they have it all going on.

You see people who are in situations that you can’t even imagine, they have had the hard smack of life right around their lips BUT they radiate positivity, light and sheer joy.  For a moment there’s a fleeting glance of jealous, you look on and feel that you’d rather be in their shoes than yours right now – gosh, that’s so wrong < you mentally check yourself.  How could you want to have that big smack around the lips from life?   What a ridiculous thing to even think.  Gosh, you have your health, you’re not badly off, but you just feel so grim.  These people have been or are still fighting a battle, you have no such MASSIVE battle to fight.  The envious thought about their sunny outlook turns to a little self loathing that you could have ever felt that way – even for a millisecond!

BUT, how have they got it all going on? 

How are they in the sunshine (despite all they have going on and you are sat in the shadows)?

It’s because they had the MEMO thrust under their nose.  We all get the memo but we choose whether or not we read it.  I HAD to read, it was forced on me.  Life gave me the smack in the lips when I was 24 and ended up in Intensive Care with septicaemia (from a urine infection – I know, who knew that was even possible!).  The Memo got thrust under my nose.  It’s the same memo that people read when they are going through really big stuff, the memo that says that life is short (cliché) and that you have the power of choice and that you aren’t prepared to get stuck in situations that you can do something about.  The memo that compels you to take the bull by the horns.  The memo that says that whinging and whining is no longer allowed.  This memo is available for everyone but when BIG, HUGE stuff comes forth it our life we are obliged to read and take note.

You can read yours and take note today – don’t wait for the slap, the slap isn’t ideal (believe me).

You are already stronger than you think you are.

You are already more resourceful than you’ll ever believe right now.

You have the ability to do or learn anything that put your mind to.

You have choices to make decision.

You can decide whether the cape of victim is going to sit on your shoulder or not.

I suppose (add another cliché) it’s the whole glass half empty or glass half full thing but whilst you are busy mentally debating which yours is, I finished my glass and went for a refill.

So what can you do to decide to live more joyfully, with purpose and read your memo?

 Be grateful – yeah, yeah, read that one ALL the time but it’s so hard to think about this and translate it to the every day.  Take a moment and look up to the sky on a lovely day and appreciate the blueness of beyond, the wonderful fluffy clouds and warmth on your back, appreciate the colours of nature and the sheer awesomeness of your surroundings.  No matter where you live there’s something outside your door that’s truly wonderful.  Be grateful for the relationships in your world – it might not even be friends and family, it might be the smile in the street, the exchange with the shop assistant, any human contact that brightens your day.  Be grateful for the levels of security you do have in your world – whether that’s the home you live in, the bed you sleep in, the ability to buy food or that nice warm bath that beckons. There’s always something to be grateful for if you start to look.

Know that choice is yours – you have the ability to make decisions.  Do you know what?  You won’t always make the right decisions but you’ll make the right decision based on what you know at that time.  You can change your course at the click of a fingers, you can take risks (to a greater or lesser extent – dependant upon your personality).

 Think about how you want to feel rather than what you want to have – focus your attention on how you’d like to feel everyday rather than the material gains of your dreams.  Focusing on the feeling will allow you to start to live your dreams again, without changing your circumstances in any way whatsoever.

Let go of the inner critic – gosh, that self talk is incredible.   That inner voice can’t half go on! She gives you a headache.  You can’t do that, who do you think you are for wanting that, you don’t deserve to be happy – blah, blah, blah – shut her up! She knows NOTHING! Quell her and tell her that her input is no longer necessary.  You know you are capable of anything you put your mind to – what makes you any difference to any other successful, happy person out there.

Everyone has to start somewhere.  Everyone starts as a beginner at everything they ever embark on.  Mindset included.

Don’t wait for your memo to be smacked around your lips, read it now, embrace it’s awesome.

It’s not a case of always been happy, everyone has days every now and then that are on the far side of challenging BUT it’s about starting to get the feeling more than you don’t!

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