These deskpads are the perfect answer to powering through your to do list.  I’m SUPER productive because ACTION is what’s top of my list when I sit down to work.  Having a list you can start to catapult your way through, the clarity of what you need to get on with AND have the cathartic energies wash over you as you tick shit off and you’ll skyrocket your productivity.  Alongside you can capture little thought threads and also beat the self talk fairy as soon as she starts chirping in your ear (with a little game of ~ is she telling the truth or is it a big fat lie?)

✅50 sheets (10 weeks worth if you use one sheet per working day or always a year if you use one sheet per month << but you totally didn’t need me to tell you that)

✅Bespoke R&R Design

✅Quality paper

✅Free P&P

✅ Just £8.50 (BARGAIN)