Guest blog from Victoria Lofthouse of Excel Virtual Assistance

Being and staying in control of your business is a big thing for small business owners. However, there comes a time in business where to grow and move forward you need to be able to concentrate on the things that make your heart sing and will generate more income in the future.

Handing over your baby to a VA is a massive step and one that can cause fear and I totally get that because I hear it all the time, but I am here to tell you that delegating more to a VA can only help your business grow.

So, let’s talk about how you can manage the fear of outsourcing and hand things over with confidence and ease.

Here are my top tips for increasing your confidence to delegate more

  1. Look for recommendations from others

Do not be afraid to ask those around you for recommendations, who do they outsource to? What is their experience? Would they be happy to recommend their VA?

Gauging and gathering as much information as you can from others who have previous experience of outsourcing will go a long way to steadying any nerves before you begin your search, it may also throw up some questions that you need to ask or things that you had not thought of.

  1. Start before you are ready

Whilst handing things over may feel like you are handing over your baby to start with, the more you do it the more comfortable it will become. Starting before you are ready will allow you to be in more control.

  1. Start small

Hand over small tasks to begin with, this will help build trust and a wonderful relationship with the person you are outsourcing to. A virtual assistant should become a valuable part of your team, not something else that you need to manage.

  1. Think about what you need to outsource

Being clear about what it is that you want to outsource and what outcome you are expecting will help you delegate more tasks and more importantly feel like you are in control of what is going on in your biz.

  1. Do they have the expertise you are looking for?

There are hundreds of VA’s out there and they specialise in literally hundreds of different things, do you need someone that is a whizz with WordPress? Brilliant at blogging? Excellent at spreadsheets?

There are also VA’s out there that don’t specialise and are just brilliant at having a wide range of knowledge of different things and are more generalised in what they offer.

  1. Communication, Communication, Communication

Keeping the lines of communication open always will help you be in control when handing things over.

The ability to delegate more will develop over time usually in line with your growing         relationship.

And remember the more you hand over, the more time and energy you can spend doing all those things that you have been meaning to do.

You are no longer bogged down with all the mundane (but essential) day to day things that are on your list giving you more time and freedom to concentrate on making MONEY and that has got to be a good thing – right?

How would it feel if you could delegate with ease?

How would it feel to achieve more but work less?

How would it feel to have a team of people behind you and not have everything on your shoulders?

Imagine having all the time and energy you need to concentrate on taking that next step in your business!

It is your time to fly, be a Rockstar, step outside your comfort zone and discover what is possible when working in harmony with a fab VA. Outsourcing is a smart way to increase your productivity and your bank balance whilst building an amazing business with a solid foundation.


Victoria is the founder of Excel Virtual Assistance and provides virtual business support services that empower small business owners and entrepreneurs to streamline their systems, be more productive, grow their business faster and achieve their goals quicker.

Based in Leicestershire, Victoria works virtually with clients across the UK or in-house supporting local businesses. With her professional skills and experience she is able to manage a wide variety of tasks, including excel spreadsheet creation, social media and marketing support, email and diary management to name just a few!