It’s an problem I see an awful lot with spiritual, heart centred, soulful entrepreneurs.  They can grown an absolutely cracking platform.  Whether that’s followers on Facebook or Twitter, traffic to their website or their other social media platforms.  There is an absolute knack there for creating communities.  It’s because you were born to serve and your message resonates with so many people.  People in “business” could learn a thing or two from the wonderful woo woo sector about this one.

If you have got that platform and you have gathered a beautiful fanbase of people who are super interested in what you have to say, those who really resonate with you, interact and engage with you then that is an absolute asset to you.  BUT what I don’t want is for you to get caught into the trap of a cracking platform but not cash.

As the old adage goes “you can’t give from an empty vessel” and that includes your bank balance as well as your energy reserves.  You won’t be able to continue the level of help and giving to your crowd if you need to go get a “proper job” or if you are stuck in a “proper job” or even if you are worried about paying the bills month by month.

You gotta make a change here and you have got to start to – in official speak – monetise that platform. 

Does that make you feel a little bit uncomfortable?

I know that for lots of spiritual and soulful thought leaders it makes them super uncomfortable.  I know that there is a genuine desire to help people, to support more people and to really make a difference in the lives of others BUT as soon as we mention MONETISING and INVESTING in their platform to bring it forth as a business they get a little twitchy.  It makes them massively uncomfortable.  The feeling is that you can just keep doing what you are doing and one day you’ll get round to making some money OR you can monetise it by sharing some affiliate content (be careful you don’t get a little spammy with that click baiting stuff).

I absolutely DON’T want you to struggle anymore and I want you to be able to make money out of your passion and to help more people GLOBALLY.  This isn’t about you WANTING to make money and you know that money is purely an energy and nothing to be icky about in any way shape or form.  This is about helping people further and experiencing fair exchange.  That is all!

Ok, so what can you start to do in your business now that will help you to transform from platform to massively nourishing business model?

Let’s have a look at it;

  • Get settled with the fact that it’s time for you to turn this platform into something bigger, something more, something super nourishing both energetically, emotionally and financially. It’s time you did this.  At the moment you are not serving the people you could serve in the best possible way.  Yes, the access to your stuff is free right now BUT it’s just yet more free stuff in an super noisy world.
  • Transforming your business into this money making machine will allow you to take the relationships you have with your fans even further and help them even more < now, what’s not to love about that!
  • Your message can become even more widespread as the people you help will help you to spread the word even more.
  • You could give consideration to membership programmes or digital products, meditations, books & e-books, working with clients on a 1-2-1 basis as well as speaking at events. Can you imagine just how exciting this could be?  You can take a blend of different types of products that will suit you and your audience, you can provide them with more help and support, give them more value and nurture them on their journey even further.

I know it’s a big leap and I know that you worry about making an investment in developing your platform this way BUT let me tell you that this could be the most important step you EVER take with your platform.

Let’s just run through the pros;

  • Help more people
  • Help people globally
  • Nourish your fans on a deeper level
  • Be a TRUE support to your fans rather than just a shining light
  • Free up your energy to put into your fans rather than being exhausted by the money thing

Don’t know where to end start and how much it’s going to cost you in real terms?

OK, I get it, it might feel like a step into the unknown right now but rest assured it’s not the big scary beast that you have your eye on it being.

Let’s break down what you NEED, what’s desirable and what’s certainly not necessary.


A Computer – check, I reckon you’ve got one of those if you have built this whopping platform

A Platform – oooohhhhh yeah, we know you have that one.

An Email List – ok, so let’s tackle the first tech that we use here.  The trusty email list.  This is you collecting the email addresses of people who super love what you do and providing them with subscriber content and opportunities to work with you.  You can’t just send these emails from your regular email provider as your list need to have the opportunity to unsubscribe from your list if they aren’t deeply in love with what you do.  You can use a package called MAILCHIMP (they even have a free package so it doesn’t need to cost you anything) or the system that I use (and I use with my business management clients) is SIMPLERO.

A Way To Take Payment – if you are going to be selling things then you need to be able to take payments.  You can use payment portals that are trusted and free but that take a percentage from your transactions.  I have used both PAYPAL & STRIPE as payment portals.

IF YOU ARE GOING TO SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS then you will need to have a membership area for people to access your teachings.  If you have a WordPress website you can use the plugin – WISHLIST, this is a one off payment and can secure your content via your website.  If you don’t have a website yet then don’t worry, you can use SIMPLERO to set up spaces where members can access your products safely and securely.

#thatisall on the need list.


Ok, so if I had been working with you for a little while some of these would automatically bump up to the NEED list but when you are first setting out on the road to productising your business and transforming from platform to business then I want to make it as simple as possible for you.

So on the desire list;

A website – I know! Who knew that that wasn’t absolutely, totally and utterly essential.  YUP, you are gonna need one but to get going it doesn’t need to be a barrier.  You can get it built whilst you are doing the other shizzle.

A Freebie – this will help you to grow your list.  It’s gonna be something you are going to need ultimately BUT it doesn’t absolutely need to be ready at the outset.

Stuff You Don’t Need

A fancy studio

A video camera

A microphone

A massive tech brain

Remember this is about you spreading your message.  I’m super passionate about never over complicating anything and making it as easy and organic as possible.

I promise that every step you can do.  The first time it may take you a little longer than you like and your halo may slip a touch and some little sweary words might escape BUT it’ll get easier and you’ll be super whizz before you know it.

It’s a matter of joining the dots and transforming your platform into something even bigger, more nourishing and profitable.







p.s. The doors to Spooky School are opening really really soon! If you feel that you need a little more help and support on this one then please do pop your name on the wait list so that you are first to find out more….