Oooohhh my gosh!  I completely get it! Being a heart centred entrepreneur can be the most rewarding job in the world but it can also have its little blocks along the way too.

Whether you are;

  • an entrepreneur who just doesn’t want an icky business
  • a spiritual business owner
  • an alternative therapist
  • a practitioner of all things beautifully woo woo

then there are lots of common  little mistakes I see being made which stops you building a ridiculously big business, helping more people and making money << ok, see I said it quite quickly.  I used the M word.  This is a word that lots of heart centred entrepreneurs get REALLY uncomfortable about.  I wanna address this one quickly.  I want to let you know that money isn’t evil, money is merely energy, money is one of many (not exclusive) ways to achieve fair exchange, money allows you to help more people, it allows you to remain in the flow and produce better work and it allows you to harvest the fruits of your labour.  Money DEFINITELY isn’t icky!

That’s your first one!


Like I said above, money isn’t evil. Money is ok.  It’s ok to want money, it’s ok to manifest money, it’s ok to have a massively abundant business.

It’s essential that your business is based on fair exchange.  I know that money isn’t the only way to achieve fair exchange but it’s one of the ways.

Other people expect to pay money to access your awesomeness.

Yes, you may have been born with a talent or a gift BUT no that doesn’t mean that you have to give it away for free.

I work in a very intuitive manner, I use skills that come to me very naturally to help my Rockstars to build massively big businesses BUT it’s okay for me to charge my worth << ok so here’s the next one!


The majority of you are discounting your prices, undercharging, looking to be “averagely priced” in your field despite the fact that you know that what you deliver is absolutely bloomin awesome.

Stop it already.

You charge what you are worth, what is accessing your help worth to your clients? (QUITE OFTEN THE ANSWER TO THIS ONE IS PRICELESS!!).  The people who value what you do aren’t going to quibble over your price, you will be the right price, for the right people and the people that you are best set to serve.


Lots of you will be working purely on a referral basis, you will be fishing in the same pond over and over again.  Why?  Because you don’t wanna really get involved in that icky marketing stuff, you don’t want to come out to the whole world and tell them exactly what it is that you do.  What if people laugh?  What if people mock?  What if people judge you?  What if they try to call you out publicly?  What if…..? What if……? What if…….?

Oh my woolly word, it gets your mind a whirring.

  • Judgement
  • Vulnerability
  • Mocking
  • Negativity
  • What If I Get It Wrong

I completely get it, I understand.  It’s a scary thing to do the very first time you decide to stake your claim and become a little more visible. It will provoke those butterflies in your tummy to start a Riverdance stylee jig in your belly.  It’s scary BUT do you know what, it gets so much easier once you do it.  So many of my ladies have been petrified to add their name and photograph to things, they have been dragged kicking and screaming from behind their logo or they have been soooo petrified of recording a video that it has made them feel physically sick BUT do you know what?  The overwhelming response, immediately after the first shot of visibility is that it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as they thought it would be AND in fact (sssshhhh) they actually enjoyed it!

Not Leveraging 

Working 1-2-1 with all of your clients means that you are immediately putting a ceiling on your earning capacity.  You only have so many hours per day, per week, per month that you can spend with paying clients and therefore once those appointment slots are full then game over, no additional income.

Leveraging your time is the answer.

I have absolutely no doubt, whatsoever that there is a way that you could include a leveraged income stream into your business model.  This would result in you being able to help more people (yay!) and to remove that income ceiling because working on a group basis or with instant access help products for your clients it would mean that it wouldn’t matter whether you were helping 1 person or 1 million people it would take you the same amount of time (double yay).

Technology Fear 

Having no idea, whatsoever, as to where to start with the whole technology thing.  You might be able to find your way around certain Social Media platforms but tech isn’t your first love.

All of it is completely learnable >> I promise.  I never knew I had even a tiny weeny bit of tech ability within me until I embraced it and I’m not a little bit of a tech geek (I hide it well).

Or, if you don’t even want to learn then these are things that you can outsource (yup, you can get other people to do it for you – how awesome is that?).

I promise that these are all things that you can get passed.  I promise that you can get paid for what you love to do and you can earn an epic income from it.  It often makes me smile that this is my job and I know that I am so lucky to be in a position to do what I do every single day, it makes my heart sing and I couldn’t see me doing anything else in the whole wide world (and I have a VERY healthy turnover too – I don’t say that in order to showboat but merely to show you that it’s definitely there for you too).

Time to start helping more people & getting your message out there.

You won’t change the world by being a big bad secret!