So, if Coaching Rockstars did Business Conference then I reckon they’d be pretty epic!! Oh yeah, we do & they are!! (#sorrynotsorry for the shameless self belief in them!)

The lovely Anita McAloren wanted to share with you here experiences of our Accelerator Day, hosted by Coaching Rockstars and featuring the enigmatic, amazeballs and uber #notlame rockstar Kate Spencer AND we had some day!

My VIP Accelerator day with Emma Holmes of Rebels & Rockstars, Anita McAloren 

So, this is a testimonial for my friend, mentor and all round accountability chief Emma of Coaching Rockstars.

I have known Emma for over 18 months now, predominantly as an online fabulous person but have now had the pleasure of meeting her in the ‘real world’ twice!

A while ago, Emma invited me and many of the other Coaching Rockstars (a fabulous group of fellow awesome biz owners) To a VIP Accelerator day in Manchester to spend a day working with her and on our businesses and our ourselves. So my thoughts initially were:

Ooh it’s a bit of a treck from Kent.

I don’t know what else I can learn, as I know pretty much everything about running a business.

I am ok with my mind-set; yep in the main I have my shiz together.

I kind of know where I am going with my business, what direction I am taking it.

I do faff sometimes but that’s normal.

BUT I did think, it would be good to meet in the real world, the fellow coaching rockstars who I talk to daily, we all inspire, motivate and support one another all the time so it would be good to meet them all.

Might do me good to spend some time by myself away from the home and the family and the businesses and I might learn something.

I MIGHT LEARN SOMETHING Well.. Where do I start!

So without giving too much away as to what we did on the day so as not to ruin any surprises for anyone who may go on a future VIP day, I wont explore too much what we did.

Let it go!

Wow! The first part of the day was hosted by Kate Spencer, Practical Spirituality Coach and author of Twelve Lessons and Twelve Lessons Later (my favourite books of all time), I sat there with all the other ladies in a conference room, this was not like any other business event or conference I have ever been on! There was a room full next door of suited and booted biz types and then there was us, a mix of different businesses, dressed in our way and all very very real.

So at the start I thought, yeh I am ok, I have my shiz together, yep there’s some stuff I need to change, some stuff in my head that keeps me awake but I am an accredited Coach so I need to appear like I have my shiz together all the time because that’s what I am meant to do! WOW WOW WOW.. During Kate’s first exercise, which was to write all the stuff down that was holding us back onto loo roll, the toxic relationships etc, something deeper happened inside of me, I let stuff go, the lack of self belief, the self sabotage, the fear of success, who am I, self critique, the comparing myself to other coaches. We all cried buckets, we let stuff go, flushed it away (literally) and started to wake up to our inner selves and realise that we are human, we can make mistakes and ultimately for me, its ok to be real, authentically me.

We then moved on with Emma’s help and support to write down our goals, the lovely stuff we wanted to focus on, our dreams and aspirations and then went outside and sent them up into the blue sky. While the warmth of the sun shone on me, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I could be me! 

One thing I said to Emma that day, ‘I have realised that I am not the suited and booted biz coach that I am meant to be, I serve small businesses and the last thing they need is someone rocking up into their businesses telling them where they are going wrong and rocking up in a perfectly tailored suit with a laptop!’ (Emma’s note <<<< thank God for that!!! Yay!) 

First realisation of the day “its ok to be me! A heart centred business coach’

Emma then spent the rest of the day with us all teaching, mentoring, and lifting us up, there were loads of AHA moments in the room. I honestly don’t know how she does it, but one thing is for sure, she is not your typical ‘I will tell you what you need to do, I will make you do stuff you don’t want to do or understand’ and she certainly is real, authentic and cares deeply about helping all of her crowd, all of us to get out of our own way and be true to ourselves.

I could write for hours how fabulous Emma is as my business coach and mentor but in truth you all want to know what did I learn from Emma in Manchester… 

  • To be my authentic self
  • I don’t need to be in a suit or appear polished, perfect and full of jargon to be a professional
  • Success starts from within
  • Let stuff go that does not serve my crowd or me
  • My Self Belief has expanded, so has my confidence
  • People will resonate with me more by showing up as my real self serving my crowd
  • My goals don’t have to be huge; I can break them down into small chunks
  • I can stop hiding away now
  • Walk away from the drama and the non-believers, those who do not support what I do
  • I can draw on my life and biz experiences to help my crowd
  • Who am I? I am a heart centred business coach who will inspire, motivate, support, assist and take my clients from chaos to calm
  • I have started to let go of what is not right for my business or me
  • I have recognised why I do what I do, whom I serve, how I can help on a much deeper level than the usual marketing jargon of ‘who is your Ideal Client’
  • How I feel internally and how I view myself has changed
  • It’s ok to have smaller income goals but equally its ok to have huge ones too
  • I now have a clear plan and focus for the next few months for my business
  • I know its ok if I just want to serve a smaller community, I do not need thousands of followers and likers on my social media
  • My self worth and who I am now is worth more than money
  • I can and will take action instead of writing reams of notes and not do anything with them
  • I have a mission statement
  • I recognise commonality and how I can reach my crowd
  • I totally understand where I am at and how my future looks
  • Content, Marketing & Selling.. Well that’s me sorted
  • Commitment, planning, authenticity and being visible is where I am going improve
  • Effectively marketing to my crowd and communication is key

Most of all, I have ditched the suit, the heels, the corporate persona, its not me, might have been me years ago but not anymore. I am comfortable being the real me, being able to talk to my crowd with conviction and no longer hiding away. How can people be served if I am hiding!

So from the bottom of my heart centred business coaching heart, a day spent with Emma was the best thing I have ever done for not only my business but me too…

I can finally say with truth ‘ I got this!’

Thank you Emma

Anita xx