“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will disappear.” Lao Tzu 

The quote above is truly an interesting one and I do love it!  I’m sure you’ve heard the whole “when the student is ready then the teacher will appear” BUT readiness is something that we always question.  Are we ready? Is this right for us, right now? Well chances are that your gut will give you a sign on that one.  Are you ready? Is this the right step for you?

I’ve found that you are never TRULY ready and your ducks are never completely lined up. 

I’ve also found that my initial gut reaction (before the self talk fairy can jump in there and have her two pennth worth) is usually the right reaction.

It’s super interesting that the quote goes on to say that when a student is truly ready then the teacher will disappear.  I suppose it’s because you then start searching for the answer and there’s a level of frantic desire and an attachment to the outcome of the search.  It then seems that there’s no one there to lead the way.

So what do we need to think about when we are looking at programmes or course if it’s not totally aligned to readiness? 

  • What’s It All About? 
  • Firstly you need to take a close look at what the course of programme is all about.  Remember that the sales page has been written to speak to the right person to take that course so whilst it might feel very persuasive we need to look at the facts in there rather than the seductive copy writing.  Chances are if the seductive copy writing is talking to you then you are the right kinda person for the programme but is the programme right for you right now? 
  • What’s it about?  What is the subject matter? What’s included in the modules? 
  • Is this a subject/development opportunity that you need right now? 
  • Will it take you closer to your goals? 
  • How long is the programme spaced over? 
  • What level of support will you get?  Is it self study? Is there group support? How big is that group support? Is there 1-2-1 time included? 
  • Would you access the support?  Honestly look at whether or not you are a self study kinda person and whether you would actually DO the programme or whether it would be a login which would remain unused and whether or not you would access any additional support that’s included.  Be honest with yourself.  
  • Will it take you closer to your goals? Will it speed up the process to move you forwards?  Is it what you need to bring your big plans to life? 
  • What’s the time investment?  How much time will you need to put into it in order to get the best out of it?  Do you have the time?  Can you make the time? 
  • What’s the financial investment?  Now look at this one logically!  Often we scoot down to the price and rule ourselves in or out immediately BUT that shouldn’t be the case.  We need to look at this from a prospective of longevity.  What would we need to do in order to recoup the price of the course?  If it’s a business course then look at how many additional clients or how many additional units you would need to sell in order to make the course worthwhile.  I know that I certainly paid for programmes before I could afford to (i.e. before I could pay myself) because I knew that they would be my fast-track to making stuff happen. 
  • Can you afford not to? 

We also have to make sure we aren’t making decision from a place of fear.  The most common fear is FOMO!!

Sidestep The FOMO 

What’s FOMO??  Fear Of Missing Out!!  I see lots of people buying every single course that crosses their path and being involved in absolutely everything.  Now, this is all fine and dandy if you are indulging in the course and you are implementing what you learn.  I am all for self development and every moment you invest in yourself is NOT a moment wasted.

What you need to avoid is the frantic purchasing of the courses.  

I know lots of people that simply keep buying more & more assistance without giving any of it an opportunity to be implemented or the results seen within their business.  You only miss out when you don’t take the action.  If you’re not ready for a course or programme then that’s absolutely fine, the right opportunities usually present themselves at the right time.  Trust your gut!

If you are unsure then reach out! If the person running the course genuinely has your best interests at heart then they will answer your questions honestly.  I have told people that certain programmes aren’t for them in the past and signposted them to more appropriate resources.  I get lots of questions and sometimes people contact me about my programmes and they aren’t even sure what their question is but we can work through it and see if it’s right for them.  It’s not about the big sell and there are times that people simply need a little reassurance that they are on the right lines and that they can pop their self talk fairy back into her box.

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