I know that lots of people say that children and animals boss it insofar as reach is concerned on Facebook.

What’s that all about?

It might just be their epic cuteness or there might be something else going on there?

You might feel that wedging children and animals into your marketing strategy is just a step too far.  As a general rule my Social Media strategy doesn’t include that much space for children and animals but there’s an element in there.  Why?  Because that’s part of my reality and when I share an element of behind the scenes the post it includes boy child Rockstar , girl child Rockstar and Office Dog P-Doggie.

I’m not using children and animals purely in terms of getting reach or spiking interaction, when I do share I’m sharing because there’s a message in there or it’s part of my reality right at that moment.

I find that when I’m sharing stuff about my Rockstar Children I am mindful of the stuff that I do share.  They are their own little people and it’s important that when I’m sharing stuff I am looking out for their best interests before the marketing potential in there.

I know that there’s often pearls of wisdom dropped by Girl Child Rockstar.

This post is an example…

So why do kids have such amazing things to share? They are coming at things without the same immense life lens that we do.  I talk much more about this in my article here >>click to take a read<<

Children and animals are very honest.

Should they form part of your marketing strategy?

Only if you want them to and only if it makes sense.  You shouldn’t be trying to shoe horn these things into your marketing strategy as it won’t be a genuine message within your post.

My advice?

  • Share them if it makes sense,
  • if it works for you
  • if you are comfortable doing so.
  • if it’s about more than reach