A little while ago I popped a post on LinkedIn about happiness.  About how we need to prioritise the stuff that makes us happy and how we should seek to be working from a place of alignment and joy.  Pretty simple and impactful message, or so I thought.

I do love how the online space gives us the opportunity to see a differing of opinions and I absolutely welcome that (so long as it’s done respectfully and with love & grace ~ no angry keyboard tapping allowed).

This particular post provoked a response along the lines of the fact that happiness was a passive state for humans and that we are designed to simply be happy (essentially ~ we fucked it up with we are not).  May I offer my opinion here (well, I’m going to anyway) but I feel that that’s a quite naive approach.  People’s lives are ridiculously more complicated than that.  People find themselves in positions where happiness isn’t the go to emotional state.  People have all sorts of things going on in their world that, no matter how positive and shiny they are, happiness isn’t the prevailing emotion and it would be wrong of us to make them feel that they were somewhat faulty from the standard factory settings if they were anything but.

A baby isn’t always happy.  Babies cry when they want something, babies express emotion through face, I remember on occasions my kids doing the most exaggerated of downward smiles if they were happy.  As they got older you could provoke displays of happiness through pulling funny faces and making them smile.  They’d show contentment after drinking that bottle and go into that smiley, almost spaced out “milk coma.”  So perhaps babies are showing us that the general positive is more ambivalent, more provoked by the situation that you find yourself in and more to do with the stuff that’s going on around you, yes ~ the external.

I’m an advocate, as a grown up, of making sure that you aren’t rattled all of the time by other people’s drama/situations and input.  It’s an active choice to decide whether or not it’s going to provoke an emotional response in you ~ is it yours to take on?  Should you be taking ownership of this right now?

Anyhaps, I digress from what I actually wanted to chat about today! That’s that happiness and change is absolutely down to choice.  Making the choices that set you free.  Making the choices and decisions that make you lighter and brighter.   Making choices that make you smile.  Deciding what you’ll take on into your own energy sphere.

This week I created a change.  I decided that I wouldn’t have a self imposed obligation to show up daily/multiple times per day on Social Media and that I’d show up in a much more ad hoc manner ~ as and when I wanted to share something.  The intention was that it would give me more space to serve the pants off my clients, write blogs and pen great news letters.  Already that decision has set me free and I feel more creative, I feel more in the flow, I feel the zing coming back, I want to share on Social Media.  Making the decision set me free and created a catalyst to change.

Earlier this year I made a decision to change one of the products I offer in my business.  I closed the Beyond Ordinary Business Hub.  A subscription product which has been part of my business for many years.  I wanted to create something that was much more impactful.  I wanted to create something that would create bigger shifts and changes for people.  I wrestled with it for ages.  When I made the decision and took that action it set me free.  The Supernova Growth Capsule was born and already it’s making huge waves for the members (not a promo piece but if you’re interested then you can find out more here >>click here<<).

Last year I made a decision to focus on my health and wellness.  The results have been fairly obvious.  By making that decision and backing myself I have lost over 6 stone and becoming fitter than I’ve ever been.

It all starts with a choice.

Remember, a decision not to make a decision is a choice to stay stuck!

So, if you’re not feeling tip top right now ~ you’re not faulty.

If you don’t always feel a gazillion percent pixies and unicorns ~ that’s normal.

BUT, what decisions can you make that’ll set you free and mean that the majority of the time the mouth turns up and not down?!

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